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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Two birthdays and a school reunion...

March has certainly been a busy month in terms of social occasions.
Firstly we had DH's school reunion for the Mitchelton High class of 1966. It was held at St Lucia Golf links...very salubrious. 

DH was surprised to see one of his teachers...he thought he would have long passed away 'as Mr D had been soooo old when he had taught them'! lol. I thought  DH might have mentioned this fact when Mr D came and spoke to us...but he didn't mention it at all!

The school captain from 1966 addressed the gathering...lots of memories there!

The food was quite delightful...a light supper, including fish and chips served in noodle boxes.

The evening even included singing the school song and chanting the school war cry.

In the following week, I was invited to a 90th birthday morning tea for Ailsa who is a founding member of an organisation known as Arafmi. Arafmi offers support to those who care for a family member with mental health issues. As well as this function celebrating Ailsa's 90th birthday, we were also celebrating the 40th anniversary of the founding of the organisation.

The venue was Riverside Receptions  ( formerly known as Riverside Ballroom) on the Brisbane River  at New Farm.

Quite a spread was provided...

Then the next day DH and I were invited to a 'drinks and nibblies' function to celebrate a friend's 70th. My friendship with Carmen began when I was her supervising teacher for her third year teaching prac. I was 23 and she was 27...a mature aged student.

When DH and I walked in it was a big surprise to Carmen as we had both been at the parish morning tea that day and I hadn't said a word about seeing her later...she kept bringing that up throughout the afternoon, lol!



Jackie said...

Looks as if the two of you had a wonderful time. Seeing old friends, chatting, and enjoying time together, sounds ideal.

God bless.

margaret said...

hoe good to have so many celebrations, I left school in 1963 and am only in contact occassionally with one girl usually at Christmas

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

What a ball you must have had ❤️❤️