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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A Baby Shower...

In my last post I wrote about some celebrations that I was part of in the previous week...and the day after my friend's 70th Birthday on the Friday, there was yet another occasion on the Saturday! 😊
It was DD2's baby shower, organized by of her two friends from school days.

The rain held off so we all sat around on the deck at DD2's place...

The girls had organized and arranged a lovely table of goodies...

Look at all those cute pink foods!

We all went inside for the opening up of the gifts...and what a big pile there was! It took my daughter quite a while to unwrap them all. The little girl arriving in late May has some beautiful clothes, toys etc, that's for sure!

And I nearly forgot to get a photo with the mum to be...but luckily remembered 😄.

I took along a basket of small gifts as the main gift was still on order. It arrived today (Wednesday) and is a crib cosy. Something that wasn't around when my girls were babies, but is apparently quite popular these days. DD2 had said she wanted one as she doesn't intend to buy a bassinet...just a cot. So the baby can go in the crib cosy which is placed in the cot. Also if parents want to put the baby in their bed, this is a safe way to do it, by putting the bub in the crib cosy. 


angela said...

A great idea. And being potable it can be used at grandmas house to put the baby down for its naps
Looks like a great day. Well done girls xxx

Jackie said...

What a wonderful idea!! Sure wish there had been crib cosies around when I would take the babies to bed with me to get a couple more minutes sleep in the morning.

God bless.

Vireya said...


I hope there hasn't been too much of rain type of showers at your place today!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I always enjoy going to a shower. There is usually some craziness going on with a lot of laughter. Looks like you all had a good time and the new mother got some great gifts. The Cozy is big in the USA too. Is that tall beautiful plate with the flowers on it the CAKE? Looks good!
xx, Carol