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Sunday, January 1, 2017

More on Port Macquarie...

We only really had one full day in Port Macquarie but we packed a bit in.
After the graduation ceremony, we headed for a celebratory drink on the river front. Locals had recommended Zebus in the Ridge Hotel but DH had seen another place earlier and had wanted to try it instead. The Royal Hotel is a lovely old historic building and it was just a teeny bit disappointing to see that it had been re-badged as a Beach House. But it is obviously a popular spot in Port Macquarie and the lovely old building is still there; not demolished and rebuilt.

I noticed a statue in front of the hotel so DH and I went closer to check out who it was. Turns out it was a statue of Australia's first Prime Minister, Sir Edmund Barton. I have a school friend who is related to Sir Edmund, so some photos were taken for Alison. And apparently she hadn't known that there was a statue of her famous relative in Port Macquarie...but now she not only knows about it, but also has some photos.

Our plan that night was to have fish and chips back at our apartment. Locals had told us about 'the best 'Fish and Chip shop in Port' ( Mike's Seafood )  and we had checked it out on our walk around the town after our drinks at the hotel. There was a sign saying that the shop was closed for the evening for the staff Christmas party. We'd been told of another shop, so DH, DsD3 and her mum, all went to check out this shop (while I took photos of the big Christmas tree) . They rated it as good judging by the look and smell, so we would return later. 

Next morning we were heading home after breakfast. And we breakfasted rather well at the Zebu restaurant, with its views over the Hastings River.

The food was delicious and DsD3 insisted on buying breakfast for all of us. Yum!

I noticed some people dressed in Scottish attire carrying bagpipes and drums.  I had noticed them the day before when they were standing outside the graduation venue, The Glasshouse. I also noticed people wearing academic dress gathering across the road from the restaurant. I recognised some of these people from the academic procession the day before. Eventually these people lined up and, with the pipers and drummers made a procession to the Glasshouse, ready for the graduation ceremony that morning...busy, busy people! 

And then we started our long drive home. More crocheting for me!



margaret said...

good to see more of Port Macquarie where 2 of my friends live

diane b said...

Its not a bad spot the Port. I have friends who live their and they call it Paradise.

Sharmayne said...

We stopped in ther for 2 days a couple of years ago staying in one of the cabins in the caravan park that overlooks the river. You seem to have enjoyed your stopover as well. I wonder what crochet project you are working on during your drive back home long will it take to drive home from there?

Kate said...

Most enjoyable Maria.

Jackie said...

I am enjoying my trip through Australia. Breakfast looks wonderful.

God bless.

angela said...

What a wonderful day
And yes crocheting in the car is the best way to pass the time
Thank you so much for sharing
Happy new year to you and your family xxx

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

You did do a lot 💖💖💖

Craftandothercrazyplans said...

Looks like you had a wonderful (and busy!) time. 😊