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Monday, January 9, 2017

A few outings late last year...

Last year, despite being lovers of live theatre, DH and I didn't book us in for many shows. The previous 2 years with the odd 'medical drama' meant that a number of our tickets had to be given away as events conspired to stop us from attending performances.
But DH had booked some tickets for the show Matilda. The performance we were booked in for was a matinee in the second week of December. Yep! You guessed it, DH was in hospital. He insisted that I still go and very reluctantly and feeling mighty guilty about it, DsD3 and I went to the show. Loved it! 

There are 4 actresses who play Matilda, and the one who took her turn for this matinee, was exceptional.
Right at the year's end DH had got a special price on tickets for the Fawlty Towers Live show, so off we BOTH set to the Playhouse on New Year's Eve.
We usually drive to Alderley Station and catch the train from's a building site at the moment but should be great when the renovations are finished. There will be a lift then! ( although I don't mind the walk up and over the railway bridge/steps, except for those days way back when my children were little and I had to get them and the stroller up the stairs and then down the stairs!)
We had been warned by an email from QPAC ( Queensland Performing Arts Centre) that extra security would be enforced due to NYE. This is because the complex is adjacent to Southbank Parklands where there would be big crowds for the evening celebrations. 

Bags were checked for alcohol...and weapons too maybe??? 

I took a few photos of the part of Southbank near the theatres. 

And who could resist a photo with the cutout Basil Fawlty? 😆

The show featured a number of vignettes from the tv shows and just like the tv shows, we laughed out loud and at times we sniggered and I even cringed at times too.

The cast was very good and I particularly liked the performance from the actress who played Mrs Richards. ( the hard of hearing lady who complained about the view from her room and also claimed to have had money stolen.)
She looked and sounded familiar and during interval I checked her out on my phone. The actress was Deborah Kennedy, an Aussie actor of some note, but is perhaps most known for a Yellow pages advert she was in, some years ago. Her saying, 'Not happy Jan!' has actually entered the nation's lexicon for using when someone's behaviour has disappointed you. We Aussies are a funny lot, aren't we??? A You Tube of the ad is here...
It was an enjoyable afternoon. 


margaret said...

Faulty Towers is such a loved tv show and does not matter how many times I see it I still laugh. Not seen Matilda in fact not heard of it at all. Such a shame DH was hospital bound and could not go but glad you went, hope he is now 100% fit once agan

Dorothy said...

Would have loved both those shows. Sounds like you had a very enjoyable time. Fancy remembering the 'not happy Jan' lady !!
BTW, Happy New Year to you and your family. Hope 2017 turns out to be a wonderful year. xox

angela said...

Would love to go to more live shows. Maybe in a few years when hubby slows down. Matinees are much better nowadays as I'm in bed much earlier than I used to be
Life does have a habit of happening. Hope hubby is ok
Not happy jan! I use that one a lot lol

creations.1 said...

Live shows are few and far between out here - it would be nice to go occassionally. Pity DH couldn't attend - next time if he is all better.