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Thursday, January 12, 2017

A bit more 'doing a bit to help others'.

For a few years now, my friend Helen and I have been organising 2 fund raising raffles per year for Knitting for Brisbane's Needy; Mother's Day and Christmas. And so it was early last December, Helen and I headed off to the Beenleigh Knit and Natter for the Christmas Raffle Draw. Beenleigh is south of Brisbane and north of the Gold Coast.

The bucket with all those ticket stubs all folded up and ready for some lucky winners to be drawn out.

Helen and I 'encourage' our lovely donors to give gift cards and vouchers as prizes as they are easier to post to winners if needed. So here are all the prizes all lined up, including a beautiful quilt made by one of our members.

Every one of the ladies at the K&N had a chance to draw out prize winners. We passed around the bucket twice.

Here's Karen, the founder of K4BN on the left...

Her husband Peter also gave a lovely speech thanking everyone after all the prize winners were drawn out...

The lady on the right in this photo is Pam Tatt, the founder of Knit for Charity. It was lovely to meet her in person.

After our morning's work, Helen and I decided to lunch in Beenleigh before our drive home. 😊

The proceeds from the raffles help to buy yarn and toiletries for the needy that the group helps each year. And in December 2016 K4BN also were the lucky recipients of a cash prize from Channel 9's Knock of Cash...$10000! We were all thrilled that Karen and Peter and the group's  work received acknowledgement of all they do for the community!  The group desperately needs a new vehicle as Karen and Peter drive thousands of miles each year to give out donations in western and central Queensland, as well as many trips around the south eastern part of the state. Their vehicle, although well maintained, is elderly, so hopefully this cash boost can help.


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Good post. Hopefully posts like this encourage others to join a cause. Every little effort helps.
xx, Carol

Jackie said...


God bless.

angela said...

Great work guys.

creations.1 said...

A beautiul post - volunteering like this has so many rewards - I don't think we fully appreciate all it has to other until we have aged a bit!!