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Monday, January 2, 2017

Hmmm...Blogger what's going on?

This morning I checked back over the post I wrote yesterday to see if there were comments which hadn't been sent to my email inbox. For some reason, comments from Una, Carol, Sharmayne ( and maybe others too!) don't get sent as an email. (Sharmayne did comment yesterday and I will send you a reply)
But something else I noticed was that a big chunk of the post didn't publish...the photo of me with the koala had quite a bit of text attached, including links to explain about these tourist attractions in the Port Macquarie district. I was photographed standing next to Komorebi...this link will take you to a Gallery page with all these wonderful sculptures that are dotted through the Port Macquarie district. And this link and this one, will explain a little more of the story behind this project.

 And the post also contained a bit about our stop at Fabricland  Fantazia in Tweed Heads South...and it's not there in the published post!
The reason for the stop at Fantazia was to buy some seersucker tablecloth fabric by the metre ( a request from DD1), stock up on more of the pretty ribbons that I tie around knitted throws if they are gifts, and to buy some more Christmas buttons in the shape of a camel. Kitty, who runs Fantazia, assured me that she still had the camel buttons, but do you think we/she could find them? Nope! But if you saw just how many buttons are there, you would understand how some could be hard to find.
DD1's new tablecloth for her new table

Recently I've had to be a bit inventive with writing blog posts and this 'state of affairs' all started when I decided that maybe I would install IOS 10.2 on my iPad as the blurb said there were lots of new emoji...I had rather liked the Santas I'd seen friends using and reasoned that they were in the new 10.2. So I installed it didn't I?...on what was basically a frivolous whim.

As it finished installing a message flashed up on the iPad screen suggesting that the developer of Blogger should update the application as it would become unstable on IOS 10.2. The message was just for a split second...and then it was gone!

You know where this is going don't you???? When I tried to use the Blogger app to write a post, it kept crashing...eventually I wrote that post about Nikki's graduation, over a number of hours. I found by trial and error that if I typed 5 words, then tapped 'done' and then quickly tapped  'save', I wouldn't lose text. I also found by trial and error that it would let me insert a number of photos without crashing???
So with some experimenting, I started working between the PC and the IPad; sometimes the work done on a post does transfer to the other device but often it does not. I could use the web version of blogger on the iPad but by previous experience, you have to write the whole post in one go. If you stop and then save, the next time you go back to edit/ add more to the post, the web version being used on an iPad will only allow you to scroll down a short way, so you cant complete the post. And that is why, a few years ago, I installed the Blogger app.

So after all these troubles I googled my problems with the Blogger app and I discovered I'm not alone. I found out that last year both Googleplay and Apple withdrew the app without warning, so that explained why, when I changed to a iPhone in July, I couldn't find Blogger in the app store.

Always loath to admit defeat easily in any situation, I thought I might purchase one of the Blogger type apps in the App store. So I sent an enquiry about a possible 'seamless transition' of the old form of my blog with a new one. Never got an answer, so I'm still persevering with my 'ad hoc' experimental methods! lol  I'm trying to avoid having to use a new blogging platform such as WordPress.


Vireya said...

Well that's a funny thing. All that info was in the version of your post that I read. It must have got deleted some time later.

Nanna Chel said...

Maria, I normally write my blog posts on my PC but when I am away from home I use my iPad as I have the App Blogsy on there and you can write your post offline and just go online to publish it. This suits me as I use my smartphone as a Wi-Fi hotspot. I think I had the Blogger App years ago but it didn't work very well. I really prefer to use my iPad as it is much easier with a Blogger blog. I hope you get it sorted out.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Hi Maria. I have another blog friend that is having the same issue with her IPad and she just gave up and posts on her desk top now. I must say, I would have a hard time giving up my desk top, even though I have a WIN 10 laptop, android tablet and an android smart phone. Someday technology will totally pass me by and I run along trying to catch up.

I don't think I'll ever jump ship from Android to Apple, but you never know. I'll keep an eye here to see what others say and if you find a solution...just because I am nosey and crave technological info I can understand..which isn't much, lol.
xx, Carol

Kate said...

Maria, I didn't get any of your original post after the photo of you and the koala but it showed up in this post. I don't like Blogger's changes. I noticed in December that any comments made via AOL or Yahoo were not sent to me but I could read them on my blog. For me, the writing is on the wall ...

Jackie said...

I didn't get any of your post about the wonderful fabric shopping you did. I wonder if Blogger will upgrade soon so you do not have to fiddle around so much with your posts.

God bless.

Una said...

Here is a test comment from me, (Una). I sometimes get messages telling me that my comments couldn't be delivered. Not sure why!! I do this type of thing on my laptop as I find apps more difficult to use if I have a lot to write.

Susan said...

I haven't used my ipad to do blog posts - though it would be easier if I am away from home....but maybe I wont update it in case . . .and I really do not want to update my laptop either - I ahev software that I know won't work anymore . . .it just gets too hard sometimes....:-(

margaret said...

it is all so complicated maybe I should check my comments as I presume I get emails but maybe I don`t. I only blog from my lap top though I do have a small tablet but would not have a clue how to do it, sounds like no fun what you have to do hope you can find a solution soon and the whole post gets posted next time

diane b said...

I use my laptop for blogging. When I go away I take my iPad but its never easy. There are some bloggers who I do not get an email notification of their comment it is a common problem.

Craftandothercrazyplans said...

I understand your frustration! In the wordpress app I click once and delete the lot far too easily, there may have even been real tears on one occasion! I hope you find some camel buttons. 😊

angela said...

I had to download a new app. I even purchased the full version!
I think it's all part of the conspiracy to get you to spend money!
But having gotten used to it. It's not bad. Younjust have to make the pics smaller or they don't fit on your blog
Still trying to get the perfect size. That's why sometimes my pics are small lol