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Friday, February 5, 2016

Took the photos; never wrote the blog post! #2

Today we received an email. Because my brain 'often races at a rate of  knots', this email caused my thoughts to jump to remembering  a day we spent exploring Vancouver last August.
The email was from Ross and Ann who so generously took DH and I on  a guided tour of some of the sights of Vancouver. We had never met them before, but they were friends of DH's eldest brother and his wife from when they had been exchange teachers in Canada. And as we were part of Keith and Sonja's family, we were treated as honoured guests.
Here we are having a delicious seafood lunch with Ross and Ann
We saw lots more of Vancouver that day, but in this post, I'll share some photos that we took on our first stop...Chinatown.

In Vancouver Chinatown there is a very shallow building; it is 6 feet from front to back.

As you can see, the builders 'cheated' a bit with the first floor, by building bay windows!

Then we walked a little way up the street...

  And Ann led us to a delightful 'gem'; the Sun Yat Sen Gardens.

These gardens were built 1985-1986 and opened in time for Expo 86.
The gardens are so can read a bit more about them here.

Now, about that email that prompted all these memories and an eventual blog post...Ann wrote to tell us that the cruise ship that her and Ross will be sailing on, docks in Brisbane on EasterSunday. So now we have the opportunity to repay their kindness to us. Our sister in law and our nephew and his family will collect Ann and Ross from the ship and then do some 'touristy' stuff and then everyone will come to our place for an Aussie BBQ lunch!


Vireya said...

Wonderful garden. It wasn't there when I visited Vancouver (1980), so I don't feel bad that I missed it!

Lovely that you can return the favour for your visitors.

Edith Csokmay said...

How wonderful, Maria, to revisit those memories a few months after you traveled. And how nice to have "friends" when you do. Thank you for sharing those memories with us. I'm so glad you enjoyed and were able to make that journey. Sometimes we forget how small our world really is :)


Cynthia said...

That garden does look so peaceful and lovely. Nice to have someone to show you around a new city and then to connect up again when they come to yours. I've found lovely people like that in my travels, too.