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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

So good to see!

A few years ago now, I taught 2 sisters. Not long after I retired in 2011, the family of 3 daughters and one son moved from the northern suburbs of Brisbane to Logan City. And as they were no longer my students I accepted the girls' Facebook friends requests. And that's how I discovered that their little brother had been diagnosed with leukemia. And there followed some pretty terrible times for the family.
There were many times when little Anthony was very ill...
Infections were the bane of this little man's life! 
At the end of 2014 Anthony spent a week in ICU, and against all odds he survived. 
Last year, Anthony's mum told me that he had seen some photos of novelty beanies that had been donated to K4BN, on my FB wall. He really loved the frog one. But we discovered that it was far too small for him.
Enter my friend Jenny, another K4BN member. Jen made Anthony a frog beanie...which he loved!

But that's not all; she also made him this one!
Yep, Anthony's favourite Ninja Turtle...whatshisname? :-)
In the last month Anthony has had his last chemotherapy treatment...and he is already training with a local footy club. His footy boots are his proudest possessions I think!
Looks like a different child doesn't he? 
How proud is his family of their 'baby'. And how kind and wonderful was Jenny making those beanies.


Maria said...

Sew caring of Jenny to knit the beanies for Anthony... It's the small things that bring the little sick kids joy.
Anthony looks sew healthy now... Wonderful...

Deb said...

Maria such wonderful news for this little fella and his family. What a gorgeous gesture getting knitted beanies for him. Doesn't take much to make a smile happen does it.

margaret said...

so good to read that Anthony has come through all his treatment and is so much better, I am sure he as thrilled with his beanies and will treasure them

Vireya said...

So nice to see some good news!

diane b said...

A sad story with a happy ending.