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Sunday, February 28, 2016

The weekend...

On Saturday DH played golf, leaving me lots of pottering time. (I did talk  on the phone to my cousin for just under 2 hours as we still have lots of catching up to do after 52 years! Lol)
In the afternoon we went to DsD2's place to collect some laundry which needed doing, and that of course is always an excuse to cuddle Miss Anthea. 

Now that 'feeding' has been all sorted out, she is putting on weight nicely.

We had some vouchers for the movies and DH had discovered that the latest film of the Coen Brothers, 'Hail Caesar', was showing locally. DH loves their work! So we went off to the 6.15 pm session. was certainly 'different'. Even though it was a rather disjointed storyline, I didn't mind it too much, but DH didn't like it at all. George Clooney starred so there was some 'eye candy' for me! Lol. And there was a wonderful synchronized swimming sequence in the film...shades of an Esther Williams film. And there were a few 'laugh out loud' bits too. 

DH had promised dinner out after the film and true to his word, we had a lovely pasta dinner at Zingara's...formerly Fasta Pasta. 
Today we travelled to Deception Bay to help celebrate a family birthday...the husband of DH's cousin.

The table was heaped with food! Lol. 
And of course I came home with some 'cuttings' from their garden!

Yes, a couple of bromeliad 'pups'.


angela said...

Sounds like a very full weekend. I won't bother going to see the movie. I'll wait for it, to come out on DVD. Thanks for the review xx

Cynthia said...

The best thing is the photo of you and baby Anthea! So sweet.

Maria said...

Oh what a wonderful weekend.. Love the photos of baby Anthea..XXX

margaret said...

Anthea looks such a contented baby in your arms. Looks like a good family gathering. I am not one for the pictures would only fall asleep but the meal would be welcome

Nanette said...

Nothing like the feel and scent of a babe tucked into your neck:) I love how you guys have so much family around, and that you all get together to enjoy special occasions.