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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Potting 'hippies' ...

Last wednesday I was fortunate to have been given the day off so I decided that it was time to divide my hippieastrums. When I sold my house in early 2004, I dug up the bulbs from the garden beds and brought them with me. I planted them in largish pots and each spring I get a lovely show of flowers.

I was thinking late last year that it these plants were really overdue for dividing up and re-potting. I read that the best time to do this is in autumn so put off the task until then. March came but I just didn't seem to get time so now that we're into April I realised that I shouldn't put it off any longer. I was amazed at how many bulbs there were in the first pot-ful that I divided up. I actually ran out of potting mixture so it will be a work in progress until I can buy some more potting soil. I'll have to wash out some more pots as well. I did plant the largest bulb in a garden bed. I did try to plant some bulbs next to the daylilies in another bed at the front...couldn't do as the ground was rock hard from all that rain so I have to get DH's help at some stage to work on that bed.

Six 'new' plants in pots and one in a garden bed...pretty good from one original bulb and I still have several more pots to divide up :-)
Any Brisbane and environs readers who would like some hippieastrum bulbs just let me know! I have lots!!!

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Lea White said...

Oh those are such pretty flowers! How lovely that you now have lots more to plant!