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Monday, April 2, 2012

Make- Grow- Thrift

Once again I'm joining in with Jodie 's feature on her blog. I guess I'm a bit predictable because once again it's a 'make' and yes, it's knitting! lol
A few weeks ago on my blog I mentioned a fundraising activity that was happening in our parish, 'The $20 Talents' Challenge'. Well yesterday I took the scarves that I had made to the 9.30 service hoping that I would sell some of them. I ended up making 8 scarves in total which was a bit of a hectic pace as I've been a bit too tired to knit at night after work.

All but the red and the fluffy turquoise scarf sold :-)
The last scarf that I made was a bit different. I normally knit a fancy yarn mixed with a 5ply yarn or an 8 ply cotton but with the 'faux fur' yarn it looked terrible. I remembered that I had some 'Ebay' mohair yarn in a similar colour so mixed that in and it looks much better and the mohair gave it a soft but light feel.

I was delighted that I sold 6 of the 8 scarves but will hand in funds equal to all 8 being sold. I'll also hand back the $20  note I was given when I took on the challenge. The 2 scarves left will be very handy for donating to the myriad of other causes that I support or just have on hand to give as a 'cheer up' gift to friends.

It was later on Sunday after having a lovely lunch out with a friend (DH was at golf) that I realised that it was the first weekend of the month. That means it was a Challenge Weekend for my knitting group and I had put my name on the list to make items ready for the Homeless Connect Day in May. I had completely forgotten all about it :-/ I quickly cast on some stitches for a scarf made with doubled 8 ply acrylic mohair look yarn (from an op shop) using large needles and double moss (seed) stitch so it won't curl up. In the group we don't have any real rules so I'll be able to work on the scarf and finishing off 2 blankets over the next week or 2 and still have them counted for the challenge. many ideas for projects and so little!!

My quick knit scarf for the K4BN April Challenge


Becky said...

OH BOY! I sure know what you mean about "so many projects and not enough time". Last week I felt so bad that NOTHING got done around here and I am slowly but surely catching up with the house work. I've even snuck in a little time for our yard and gardens - BOY DO THEY NEED THE ATTENTION! I even got the carpets vacuumed in this front couple of rooms as well as the bonus room. One day I will get the rest of it ripped up and then NO MORE carpet for me! YICK! I can't believe those two scarves weren't snatched up... two of my favorite colors! I'm sure you will find a good cause for them. I can't believe how fast you knit... I'm slow as molasses. I crochet faster... and I'm still not FAST at that...LOL.. at least it's a relaxing thing to do.

ozgrkdn said...

Hi,Maria,Have you read old comment:))))Have a nice day:)))

Lea White said...

That is a stunning shade of blue!