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Sunday, April 8, 2012

A bit of help in the garden...

On Easter Saturday, DH and I spent the morning working in the garden. DH did a lot of tidying up of the front fence line which had become quite overgrown. I worked in the backyard clearing the weeds from a small vegie patch where I grew potatoes last year. The most prolific weed at this time of year is a creeper which has quite pretty blue flowers but it is most assuredly a pest! It belongs to the tradescantia family and is commonly called 'Wandering Jew' here in Australia and it's well known for  its ability to quickly cover an area and spread far and wide.

The major problem weed at this time of year
Then I started tackling digging over the garden bed and one patch of it had become rock hard. So I got the maddock out and dug away. Then DH came to lend a hand and he got the heavier pick and started attacking this rock hard section. Then we got out the cultivator which had been a Christmas gift given to me by my BIL and SIL.It worked a treat and we soon had the soil dug over.

Then it was time for some dolomite to help break up that clay and then I started shovelling compost out of the compost bin. The compost, plus a bag of manure then got spread on the garden bed. DH wanted to know whether I needed some help to spread some sugarcane mulch on top of all that.

But I wasn't planning to mulch until Monday because I have other helpers in my garden...and they arrived early this morning chortling happily in their inimitable way. The magpies always drop in to help if we dig over a garden bed. They pick over the soil and eat any curl grubs that may be in the soil or even in the homemade compost. They never let me down :-)


Anonymous said...

Happy Easter to you and your hubby, Maria. Hope you have a lovely long weekend. Sue.

Becky said...

LOVE the Magpies! They must be quite fun to watch. I have Mocking Birds that will come and sit within 4 feet of me when I'm in the garden hoping I will toss a grub to them. And they will even announce when I am out in the garden so that as soon as I come in for a drink or just in for the day I can look out the kitchen window and see all sorts of other birds out there looking over the freshly dug soil. HAPPY GARDENING!

Lea White said...

Oh I just love your little helpers :-)