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Thursday, April 5, 2012


Last Easter DH and I were travelling in California. On Good Friday we were in San Diego. Early that day DH had got up early and gone for a walk along the waterfront near our motel. When he came back he commented that a nearby school was open with students arriving as he walked past.

Across the road from our motel in San Diego

Our motel in San Diego

The walkway along the waterfront could that be? We had in previous days been looking at church notice boards to see what times the Good Friday services would be and hadn't noticed any. After breakfast as we set off to do some more sightseeing on our drive back to Huntington Beach, we quickly realised that it was not a public holiday. In Australia things shut down for Easter as all 4 days are public holidays. When I was a child only the corner shops would be open but not usually on Good Friday. Now the big shops and supermarkets open on Easter Saturday and Easter Monday.

Talking with DH's cousin we were to realise that despite the decorating of front porches with an Easter theme as we had seen on our travels on the east coast, Easter is not a big holiday time. We were told that families do often gather on the Sunday to have a family meal together and that is what we did at Huntington Beach last year. Maybe it was the shops that we shopped in but we didn't see any where near the huge displays of Easter eggs that adorn shops here in Australia. And of course the hot cross buns weren't much in evidence either but DH and I found some in an organic grocery store in a locality just off the Pacific Coast Highway.

A charming sculpture at our cousin's place; just perfect for Easter!

Easter Day breakfast in 2011

So this Easter? We went to a service at church this morning after a breakfast of toasted hotcross buns and a cuppa.  Now I'm looking forward to a relaxing, lovely quiet long weekend, with DH spending some time in the office as well as playing some golf with his friends on Sunday. I'm planning some sewing time and of course, some knitting time. As well, one of the TV channels is playing non stop detective dramas throughout the weekend as well so watching a few of those while knitting sounds pretty good too. Hopefully I'll get to visit a few friends and relatives as well.

My Easter indulgences! lol

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