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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We arrive in Boise, Idaho...

Today we left that dreadful hotel in SLC and headed for Boise in Idaho. Other than the choice of hotel, our stay in SLC had been most enjoyable. Everywhere on the road out of SLC the landscape was covered with snow. The farther we got from SLC, the more snow there was.

Snow scenes on our journey
 Our first stop of the day was at Snowville. We chose Mollie’s Diner and what a great choice that turned out to be! It was just like in the movies with a long counter with round seats. It was close to midday but when we took a liking to the breakfast special, the 2 ladies insisted it was ok  and one proceeded to cook our food; omelette, those divine hash browns which are so different to the things we call hashbrowns in Aus, Texas toast and coffee.

When Mollie, the owner asked us if we were from Australia and we naturally said yes, she was so excited! Apparently, Aussie males who come to the US to ride bulls at rodeos are her heroes. She says that they never fall off and she chatted on for a while about these Aussies. Just before we left, Mollie gave us a calendar that she gives away each year and it featured rodeo pictures. She said she had one left and it must be meant for us. She also autographed it for us! Such a lovely lady, she told us that she comes into the business every day even though her family feels she should retire...she thinks that is a terrible idea!

DH, Mollie and Me
Travelling on we came to the magnificent Snake River which meant we had crossed a state border and were now in Idaho. DH decided to take a little detour and we took the Twin Falls exit. We passed by wonderful looking homes and eventually found ourselves driving over Hansen’s Bridge. We stopped there to use Hansen’s Lookout to view that part of the Snake River. We were so glad we had stopped; it was quite a view. We then followed signs to find the Shoshone Falls which probably gave the town of Twin Falls its name. Again we were blown away by the magnificent view.

The Snake river near Hansen's Bridge

Click to enlarge; some information of how the pioneers changed the landscape

Twin Falls

Another view at the Waterfall's Lookout
The landscape of Idaho had quite a bit of snow, then the snow thinned and we drove past lovely green pastures and lots of fat cattle. Then the rain came and by our afternoon stop at Bliss, it was raining. The temperature on the sign outside the ‘servo’ at Bliss said it was 41 Degrees F...that’s cold to us! Lol Another feature of driving on the Idaho roads was the wind gusts...pretty strong! We saw some wind farms with the big (huge) white modern version of windmills as we drove along from Bliss. By the time we got to Boise (which is the capital of Idaho) the weather was clearing but we could see snow/ice on the windscreens of parked cars. That’s cold!! My little camera has been 'freezing' intermitently but today it froze for once we reached Boise, we found a Walmart and bought a new's purple! and also a Kodak. We bought the other camera in Edinburgh in 2008 when our previous one dropped to the ground from 'frozen' fingers at the castle. Perhaps I wore it out!!!! lol
We found a lovely hotel just near the airport... and yes!...the toilet works!
Another scarf/neck warmer just about finished

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Claud said...

Glad to see the toilets are better in Idaho :-) and that you had a lovely experience at the dinner. Sometimes the little places like that are the best places to eat. Can wait to hear where you got next ;-)