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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Salt Lake City; there are no money-changers in this temple!!...

Today we spent the day in SLC, looking around. Firstly we rode a bus into the centre of town, then we transferred to the light-rail train (looks more like a tram but it has a number of carriages). We rode the light rail out to the University of Utah, then transferred to another one going to a place called Sandy. It was mainly an industrial area.

The light rail coming into the central station
The University Lightrail stop; look at that view!

The temple which took 40 years to complete

The statue of Christ in the Visitor centre

The tabernacle built from left over granite of the temple

The present day tabernacle where the famed choir performs. We just missed their weekly rehearsal.

I'm afraid this just seemed so unreal

Part of the gardens

Then we came back into the city centre to Temple Square to have a tour of the Mormon buildings. It was very interesting and I was surprised by how many buildings we were actually allowed into. Only the temple was off limits. The quality of the workmanship in the buildings was of a very high standard and the gardens well cared for. The 2 ‘Sisters’ who took us on the tour were very knowledgeable but I was disappointed how little they appeared to value ‘My Christianity’ and tried the hard sell suggesting that they (the 2 Sisters’) could help us by organising for some missionaries to call on us when we got back to Australia.

DH and I were quite shaken with the fact that our form of Christianity is bad so we quickly caught the light rail back to our motel and collected the car and went to a shopping centre for lunch at Subway. Then we bought another bag to put items in that we’ve bought already on our holiday. I also bought a ball of cotton yarn to mix with another yarn I’d bought last week, and I’ve already started this scarf.
Update on toilet situation. We have asked the management 3 times to fix the toilet. It still doesn’t flush very well so from now on I’m renaming the ‘Quality Inn Airport; 1659 West North Temple, SLC, Utah’, as ‘POOR QUALITY INN AIRPORT’! Worst of all is I’m mad at myself for not insisting on a new room!!!!

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