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Thursday, March 24, 2011

On my mind...we bought a knife!

It may be Thursday here in the US but it is Friday back home so, as I usually do on a Friday, I'm joining in the regular Friday feature on Rhonda Jean's blog, .
On my mind is how buying a knife has changed our lifestyle while holidaying in the USA. When we first arrived, 2 1/2 weeks ago, eating out all the time was the order of the day...but...we soon grew tired of that! I usually put a small paring knife in our luggage but forgot to do that this time and when we travel in Australia, we always prepare our own meals by booking into hotels with suites. Alas, the hotels with suites here have so far only had a microwave and no bowls and other useful equipment. At the end of our first week we bought some bread rolls, cubed cheese and ham and made some rolls for lunch, but we tore the rolls open to fill them. (the cubed cheese wasn't particularly nice either) Then, last week DH decided to buy a sharp knife...and what a knife! It's a beauty!
The knife!

The very useful scabbard in which to store our knife

Now we can cut up fruit and make fruit salad, (healthy huh?), we can slice bread and rolls, we can slice blocks of cheese, we can have tomato slices on our bread. So after a long day of driving we can get some supplies and make quite nice ' feasts' in our room and if breakfast is not included in the tariff (not often this happens but at some places the free breakfast is woeful!) we'll cut up fruit and bread etc and top with ham and cheese etc...Voila!
Depending where we have lunch, sometimes the lunch meal is large enough to count as the main meal, so we have our own prepared supper. It's not really about saving money...more about saving our waistlines!!! lol


Linn said...

We found it difficult too when we went to the States with the food. I really thought the food would be the same but it's not. I guess Americans would feel the same about our food as well!

Becky said...

Here in the US people want MORE for their money. Most Entrées are enough for 2 people. SO what my husband and I have taken to doing is ordering small side salads and one Entrée and ask for an extra plate to save money and not feel like a bloated cow when we get up from the table. Enjoy your travels and the knife is AWESOME!

Scott said...

Most of the entrees are way too big for one. I just can't eat it all. I usually take half home for lunch the next day, or split the entree with my wife

Jenn said...

How practical! I've been thinking about what we need to take with us on road trips and during our big move in a couple of months- I hadn't thought of needing a knife but that will definitely be very helpful. I take such things when we go camping, but I guess I should pack a kitchen kit for all of our traveling.
I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip.

Patti Bee said...

Before our last vacation I couldn't wait to get out of the kitchen. My plan was to eat out every meal. It's funny how after just a couple of days I was tired of restaurant meals and wanted nothing more than a good home cooked meal. I wish I had packed something practical like a knife.

Maria said...

@ Linn, I find I am craving raisin/fruit toast; it's just not here! And lighter salad dressings! lol
@ Scott and Becky; In Australia, entree means appetizer, a very small serve, but here it means main meal and it is extremely generous as you said. We've shared meals, we've ordered one entree, one salad and shared and we've bought 'Senior's Meals' but you certainly get value for money... (plus the risk of an expanded waistline! lol)
@ Jenn,something like a heat proof bowl, plus spoon/fork/spoon would be useful too!