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Thursday, March 10, 2011

On my mind today...of all things... is toilets!

My mum used to have a saying, 'small things amuse small minds'...and perhaps that is very apt at present. So what in particular about toilets has been occupying my attention recently since DH and I arrived in the US? Well the shape is the same as I'm used to in Aussie...the aspect of my recent obsession has to be the flushing process! The button is pushed or the lever pulled and all of a sudden it's like the vacuum effect that happens in an aeroplane loo; everything gets sucked out with a rush...and then water rushes in. Boy does it rush in...almost up to the top of the bowl. That doesn't happens to loos back home; the water level is quite shallow and the flushing just pours water into the bowl, forcing what's there to go around the s bend and into the big pipe that leads to the sewer. Now this higher waterlevel caused some consternation to me on my first day here. I prefer to stay seated for the 'paperwork' but if you do that here, your hand goes into the water (plus things unmentionable!) eewwwhhh. lol
This photo was taken in a public loo; if others in the Ladies, noticed the flash, they may have wondered about me!!! Unfortunately it doesn't really show the water level that clearly.


Rose said...

lol as an aussie!

Susan said...

Nice and clean for a public loo!

Becky said...

LOL!!!! I have visions of women thinking you had to take a picture to share with your Doctor. We do use or should I say - MIS-Use a LOT of water here just to flush the toilets.

Gooseberry Jam said...

That is very interesting... it never occured to me that toilets may flush diffently in different countries...Thanks for the insight! :)