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Friday, December 14, 2018

Out and About in Melbourne

On the Friday of our recent stay in Melbourne, the day dawned like this...

Undaunted, DH headed off on the journey to the golf course where the World Cup was being played. 
Dodging the rain by walking close to the buildings, I walked the 3 blocks to a coffee shop on Bourke St to meet a young cousin. We were lovely and warm in the cafe, although I must admit I kept my coat and scarf on, the whole time.

So we yakked nonstop for just over 3 hours. J is actually the daughter of one of my first cousins and her grandmother was my mum’s sister Mary. J remarked how much I looked like her Nana. Well I shouldn’t be surprised that J saw a resemblance as every time I look in the mirror lately, I ‘see’ my mum looking back at me 😉lol.
I messaged DH when I got back to the hotel, enquiring how the golf was going. He rang me back to say the weather was terrible; he was cold and wet through and that he was abandoning the golf and catching the 2 trains back to the hotel. 
So a hot shower and dry clothes were the go when he finally got back. The rain was easing as the afternoon wore on so we decided to go for a tram ride to Harbour Town in Docklands. 

We had gone there 9 years ago when it was also raining. The mall part of the complex had no roof and it was quite unpleasant dodging heavy rain while looking around the shops. Well 9 years later I was pleased to see a extensions to the complex.

Like most Aussie retailers, this Centre was pushing the US ‘inventions’, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Any excuse to encourage people to buy items they probably don’t need.

DH and just had coffee and a hot savoury pastry to help warm us up a retail therapy for us! 
Just near the entrance we saw this post box...perfect fun photo opportunity! 😆

Just making sure Santa knows what to bring 😉😊 


Vireya said...

Now I am feeling a bit ignorant, because I didn't know Harbour Town even existed, much less that it was there 9 years ago!

Nanna Chel said...

Melbourne has just had another rain event, Maria. If we go down there we had better take a brolly. LOL!

Sue (this n that) said...

So sorry it was rainy but I love both your attitudes nothing daunts you and you
make the best of every situation. Great travellers :D)

Sue (this n that) said...

PS. Have a lovely Christmas !

angela said...

There has been lots going on in the city lately. Lots of building and construction
The weather here is still wet but oh so muggy
I don’t like it at all!

Jackie said...

Canada is getting into the Black Friday and Cyber Monday themes as well. I would much rather keep our own traditions rather than import those from our southern neighbours.

Me, I love Boxing Day sales (though now we stretch those out to a week).

God bless.