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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Holly's Baptism...

It seems like ages ago I wrote a post about the family heirlooms ( as in a 59 year old gown and petticoat and a 138 year old crocheted bonnet) that Holly would wear for her baptism. Well that all happened on November 11, so no wonder it seems ages ago.
I arrived before everyone else so I could help set up for the ceremony...especially boiling the jug in the vestry so the hot water could be added to the cold tap water in the big brass ewer jug.  Thus the water would be warm for the baby...😊
Pretty soon the 'star' arrived with her mum, dad, one of her godparents and some friends. Holly was just wearing the petticoat at this stage.
I was given the job of dressing  the baby in the gown and putting on the bonnet. Earlier, when DD2 and I were planning the christening and she was checking out the gown and bonnet, I got the distinct impression that she only wanted to borrow the gown. But something made me soak the bonnet a few days before and get to work with the iron on the crocheted flower motifs. And I took it with me to the church that day...and DD2 was very keen for Holly to wear it! Thank goodness I had got it ready and brought it with me.
Some photos before the ceremony...

Father B always likes to involve any other children in the congregation in the ceremony and pretty soon Holly's cousins were helping...
Father B is of aboriginal descent and since being in our parish, he has introduced a tradition of taking a newly baptised child around the church as all women and girls reach out and touch the baby gently. It is surprisingly moving.
I particularly wanted to get a photo of Holly with myself and Grandma I have photos of my mother and mother in law holding DD1 at her baptism...
And a lovely photo of Anthea, Holly and DsD2
And one with grandpa!
And DD2's godmother had come along and she and I did a bit of reminiscing of DD2's christening at the same church 33 years ago.
After the ceremony and heaps of photos were taken, everyone headed off to the local hotel where quite a bit of the restaurant had been reserved for a celebratory lunch. Looking at the next photo I can understand Father B's quip about there being more people gathered for Holly's baptism than at the Sunday services. 😉
And DsD2 had made a christening cake ( well 2 actually) for all to share after lunch. 

It was a lovely day and was timed perfectly, as from November 13, I was back temporarily in the workforce,  working for DH on the state election and this time around, I found those 8.30 to 5pm days really tired me out more than ever before. I guess the years are catching up! lol


mamasmercantile said...

Such a wonderful celebration and a joy to see the family heirlooms.

Vireya said...

Lovely to see all those photos of a beautiful family occasion.

Michelle Ridgway said...

A beautiful family occassion. I do love Father B's tradition. Thanks for sharing your very special occassion x

Jackie said...

Forming beautiful memories to last.

We had a priest here who would lift the baby to the sky, presenting them to God and then sing to them. It was so very moving.

God bless.

handmade by amalia said...

Wonderful times. Congratulations.