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Friday, December 15, 2017

25 Days of Christmas...again! 

In 2013 a friend came up with the idea of posting a Christmas themed photo every day on Facebook from December 1 till Christmas Day. She invited a few of us to do the same thing and I found it lots of much so, that I'm still posting photos. The others who started with me haven't kept up for various reasons. So what photos have I found to post so far this December? Here are a few...
The Christmas window display at the city Myer store 2 years ago. I fondly remember the store window displays not only of my childhood, but also those in the 1980s when my girls were little.

Talking of Myer...the next photo is a favourite. Taken in the Myer city store  also, but way back in 1989. It's DD1 and DD2 visiting Santa there. 😊

And still on the subject of Myer...( overseas readers, Myer is a department store in Australia)
The next photo was taken in 2013 when DH and I braved the crowds to have a look at the Christmas Parade held each night for the few weeks before December 25. And it is sponsored by Myer! I took lots of photos from my vantage point standing on the ledge of a planter box in the Mall. My favourite parts of the parade were those animals...deer, camels and a donkey. 😍

The next photo is from Christmas Eve in 2011. I'd snapped some pics of DsD2's boyfriend ( now husband) checking out all the gifts under the tree...😉

Some handmade decorations I've made. The larger photo is the one I made for Anthea last year and the other two are a couple of prototypes for this year.

I do try to resist buying more Christmas decorations, but this year a new one 'came home with me' one Sunday. I had joined friends for a coffee in a shop that not only served coffee and tea but was within a local homewares store. I've named him Ronnie Reindeer.

The next one is a photo of a card I've kept for a few years. The lady who gave me the card was a knitting friend. For her 80th birthday I had made a small photo album with any photos taken at Knit and Natters, which featured Angela. She loved the gift and wrote some lovely comments on the card. Sadly Angela died this year after a cancer that had been treated successfully a number of years ago, returned. I will continue to treasure this card.

The last photo in this post is from 2013 and it was the Christmas party for the Sunday Stitchers. The beautiful tablerunner that I'm holding up, is what my Secret Santa Marilyn had made for me. I'm also holding up the needle keep that SS also made me.

So that's a few of the 16 photos I've posted so far this December. 


Nanna Chel said...

I must go through my old photos, Maria. I might scan some of them to attach to a Christmas email to my nieces and nephews as they were little in some of the photos. Brings back memories.

angela said...

Lots and lots of pics
I’ve only ever seen the Myer window once. It was always too far to go for us. And I’ve never like crowds
Maybe I’ll take the grandkids when they get older.
Some wonderful memories there xx

Nanette said...

Enjoyed your Christmas memories Maria, especially DSil caught checking the presents.

Michelle Ridgway said...

LOVE your pics Maria.Some real gems there. I always loved the Myer windows too. My children would only tell their secret lists to the "real" Santa in "Big Town".....the Myer Santa lol! Thanks for sharing xx

Kim said...

Such fun, posting all these photos. The Myer Christmas windows and the David Jones' ones as well are always a treat to behold!

Sue (this n that) said...

Lots of lovely photos Maria.
As children, We used to look forward to travelling into the city by train to see the Myer window at Christmas! Happy, simple times :D)
What a thoughtful idea to send your friend that album, a gift that kept on giving, for sure.
I love your handmade tree decorations too, especially Anthea's.
Cheers and lots of Christmas happiness :D) xx 🎁

Jackie said...

What a lovely way to remember all those special moments.

I think that reindeer may just have come home with me as well.

God bless.