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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Fast Back.....!

Our Brisbane City Council Libraries have displays set up with popular titles which are available for loan. But there is a catch if you do choose to borrow these books...instead of the customary month for a loan, these books must be back in 7 days. Too easy I thought, after all I'm retired, so on Saturday I borrowed a big bundle  of books for Christmas reading and one was a FastBack. By Tuesday evening it became obvious that I hadn't got much reading done...

Yesterday I went to a Knit and Natter in the morning and then out to lunch with DH and some time to read. So late in the afternoon into the evening I was busy reading, reading,reading!!! 
This morning DH and I were out yet no reading! 
But I was back reading this afternoon...and I'm almost at the end of the book...I'll be able to return the book to the library tomorrow, one day early.
So soon I'll be able to go back to some stitching, some tidying, some more decorating for Christmas, wrapping gifts and some folding/hanging up of clean laundry which is sitting in full baskets at the moment. 
In other words 'normal transmission' will resume! Lol

Peter James was an author recommended to me and this series features DS Roy Grace and this is the first one I've was 'edge of seat' stuff but I did pick the 'bad guy'! I will certainly look for more of this series in the library...but maybe not a Fast Back :-)


Anthea said...

good luck with getting the book finished Maria!

Susan said...

Maybe a 7 day loan for just over Christmas would work??? I have 2 new books here to read and am itching to just have a "reading" day - haven't done that for soooooooo long,

Una said...

I'm going to look for more by this author. I've just read his "The Perfect Murder" in a few days as it was a real page-turner.

Australian Gardening Granny said...

Good morning Maria. I always check out the Fast Back loans at the library. I think it's a great idea to bring the latest top reads to our attention, but if I take one the pressure is on ! LOL If I haven't quite finished I take it back, complete with book mark, smile sweetly at the librarian and re-borrow. Not sure if you are supposed to do that so now that I have told you, you have to swallow this note in case Brisbane City Council read your blog,

Happy Christmas from Jean

Dorothy said...

I have the same problem. We have a system where you can request books but the new release ones need to be returned in 2 weeks. When the junk mail arrives each week, I see what books are advertised, then go to Amazon to see what they're about and if I'm interested I request a copy. Problem is that sometimes I get several books arrive at the same time and I have to do some speed reading - or select the ones I really want to read then make a note to request the others again. At the moment, because the library is closed over Christmas/New Year, books don't have to be returned till 6th Jan so there's less of a rush. If you want to check out some good books, I list the ones I've read at the bottom of the blogs I read section on my blog. (Bottom right hand section). Have a good day. Xox