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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

All this talk of Naughty vs's all subjective surely?

When I get together with friends who stitch, do patchwork etc we often describe how we keep buying fabric even though we don't necessarily need it...but we want it! And we joke that we've been naughty and bought new fabric/kits/ expensive threads etc. 
Remember a few months ago I was 'naughty' and instead of just buying a few fat quarters from Jodie Carleton's fabric range, Backyard Circus, I bought a bundle of fat quarters of the whole range...very indulgent...but I loved the brightly coloured, quite whimsical range of fabrics?

Such fun fabrics...I've fussy cut elephants to make I Spy hexie flowers and plan to cut some squares to have a 'play' as well.

Now Jodie had a stand in the 2015 Houston Quilt Show, and at that show she released her new fabric range...2 ranges in one year no less!!! For quite a few months she had 'teased' readers of her blog, Vintage RicRac and followers of her Instagram account, with photos of items made with this new range. She said that the range wouldn't be released in Australia until early 2016. 

But no...Jodie and the rest of us got a big surprise because the range, Cat's Pyjamas, was released last month. And I was 'naughty' again. Yep! Bought the bundle again! :-)

I love these cat faces!
This latest bundle didn't include the doll I'm thinking about that!

There's something about that little kitty dressing gown! Lol.
So there you have it...fabric buying naughtiness personified! :-)

And I have!!!!


Maria said...

Enjoy being naughty as they are the most delicious fabrics... Sew good for your hexies....

Vireya said...

You have reminded me - I bought a couple of the doll panels from "Backyard Circus" before we moved - and I have no idea where they are now.

angela said...

But they're so pretty. How can you be classed as being naughty.
Nope I think you have been very nice lol

margaret said...

what great bundles especially love the cat ones maybe will have to have one or two of them myself. What fun being naughty when it comes to fabric buying

Susan said...

We all deserve a treat once in a while....and sat lest you are using them!!!

Australian Gardening Granny said...

Maria I visited a friend who stitches yesterday and she showed me her latest purchase for a quilt she is making for her much loved daughter. Showed me the pattern, showed me the fabrics, and then very shyly showed me the receipt for these beautiful fabrics. Spotlight did jolly well out her !
So do not worry, you are not alone. You are a member of a very special group of Quilt stitchers.

Aussie Maria said...

ooohhh no wonder you were tempted and caved in :-) Merry Christmas. You deserve it