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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Is this finally goodbye to the Wesley Hospital , then??

My mother used this saying a lot...'Don't speak too soon!' But here's hoping :-)
Yesterday (Tuesday) DH came home from hospital after his unexpected re admission last Friday night. All seems to be going well and there is only discomfort around the op site, rather than severe pain. 
On all those visits I made to this hospital, I really enjoyed the art works on the walls of the walkways.
This one was my favourite painting...( silly me didn't go up close to read the artist's signature)
Heading to the East Wing where DH was staying, was this beautiful stain glass window...loved it!

On the walkway that linked Reception to the carpark was this favourite colour no less. 

That carpark had wonderful views...this is from the 6th level. The Taylor Range is in the background and the TV towers of Mt Cootha.

Waiting waiting waiting...DH can come home!

I've previously posted photos of the view of the river from DH's room. Well yesterday, while we waited for the final paperwork, ready for me to take DH home, DH suddenly commented...'There's a duck!'
I expected to see a little brown duck, was a rather large yellow duck! On a barge no less! :-)
Another view of that old house, Moorlands, from DH's room...( his second time in this ward, he had Room 12 which had a different aspect from his previous room) 

Now DH may have been the one who was in hospital but I bought some flowers for me, not him! Lol

So DH is now home and I'm making him rest!!


Maria said...

Love that painting too and the lead light window is fabulous...
Wander were that yellow duck was going ??
Pleased your hubby is home . Hope alls good now.

Cynthia said...

It's wonderful when hospitals have nice artwork to soothe the soul. It's always difficult to be there, whether you are the patient or the loved ones waiting. So glad to hear your husband is home, and that you bought yourself some pretty flowers.

Australian Gardening Granny said...

So pleased to hear that DH is home and taking it easy.
Lovely artwork at the Wesley. Great photographs from you, as always,

Vireya said...

The jacarandas are in flower up there! It'll be another 6 or 8 weeks until we see them here.

That is a beautiful window, and lovely views from the windows. But I'm glad Mr Next Stage is back home again.

angela said...

Glad he is home, now how do you get him to rest! My hubby is going in for an op in November and already I'm dreading the after when I have to make sure he rests. Yup you deserve those flowers xx

margaret said...

so good to read DH is home again and free from the very bad pain. Here at one of our hospitals they have art work etc displayed in the main area a good idea I always check it out if I am there for Helen`s out patient appointments.A lovely hydrangea you have bought, one of my favourite shrubs

helbel19 said...

Good news that he is going home .....I hope he continues to do well.

Nanette said...

Was the giant duck part of the fund-raising duck races that are on every to see it sail past. nice choice of flowers, that hydrangea is a beautiful colour. Good to hear hubby is well and fit to be home again.