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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Not Surfing USA but Shopping USA!

I know some readers are wondering about what items piqued our interest enough to part with some money and actually buy things on our recent trip.
I've already shown a few items such as the little souvenirs I bought for our great nieces, the rubber ducks, T shirt and socks that I brought back for DD1 and her housemate, and some yarns that I bought as gifts in Alaska and a very expensive skein of yarn I bought in Seattle. 
In the Disney Theatre Gift Shop in LA I fell in love with...and bought this ( rather expensive) owl puppet for my DD2's birthday. That birthday is been and gone so I can now show this puppet...she loves owls and she loved this puppet!

I did play with this puppet to make sure the eyes did blink and the head swiveled like the label said! Lol

At the same gift shop I bought 2 of these G clef pencils; one for my neighbour's grandson who plays the violin, and this one for me!

I visited a number of quilt shops during the 5 weeks but only bought a modest ( well I think it's a modest 'haul'! lol) number of purchases and I was fine with that. I bought a number of children's novelty prints with Eye Spy quilts in mind...

I bought this bundle of US sized fat quarters of 'Alaskan themed', fabrics for DsD1 in Juneau. (hmm photos from One Drive seem to have minds of their own!)

Here are a few other items I bought...lots of socks for gifts...I think though that perhaps I will keep these 3 pairs?  :-)
These 2 pairs were for DD2 (the owls) and her partner who is a carpenter.

A few cards of buttons like these from Skagway...

I bought 3 skeins of yarn to keep, like this one from Skagway..

A number of Christmas decorations like these 3...

In Britex in San Francisco, I bought some Solvy to experiment with  printing stitching designs on the sheets of this stabilizer instead of tracing...this technique was explained here on the Wild Olive blog. (This product is a lot cheaper in the U.S.)

Some children's books from Munro's Bookstore in Victoria BC...
 DsD3 had told me about this's rather lovely.  

DH bought  T shirts for the 'partners' of 4 of our girls and one for his brother. He also bought some knick knacks for his golfing buddies. He bought shorts in Old Navy and Macy's but I didn't bother with any clothes buying as I had had a bit of a spend up at Black Pepper before we left for our holiday!

But DH and souvenir T Shirts...he loves them! And he had fun adding to his collection. To fill up the collage grid, I included a jacket bought in Alaska and some souvenir caps that DH bought. Also the 'cat' Tshirt in the top right hand of the first collage, is a T shirt DH bought for me :-)...the rest are for him...the gifts to the 'boys' are not in the collage.

  It's a lot of T shirts!


Lin said...

You must have had a good luggage allowance! xx

Anonymous said...

WOW. What a fabulous collection. Wonderful gifts. Great fabrics and yarns. Next time I want to go shopping I think you'll have to come with me as my 'personal shopper'.
You certainly filled up your suitcases.

Jackie said...

I cry every time I read "I'll Love You Forever". Such a wonderful book.

God bless.

Toni Mc Rae said...

What great loot, and I love the cat socks.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Lots of fantastic purchases. 💓💓💓