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Saturday, June 27, 2015


Yep! I've certainly been missing from Blogland this last week! I've been so busy...trying to rectify a 'disaster'. 
In my last post I wrote about having to unpick and re-sew some blocks for a swap. Well out of the 27 blocks, I could only salvage 18. Some of these 18 were actually 'cannibalised' from the original 27 blocks...taking segments of some and putting them together with segments from other blocks. I discovered that the main problem that caused wrong sized blocks was that some of the squares were not 2 1/2 " and this seemed to have been caused by fabric slipping when cutting double layers of strips. 
So after the 18 were re-sewn, I carefully cut enough squares to make another 10 blocks...160 squares!  So for days I was unpicking, re-sewing, cutting new squares and sewing new blocks. Sometimes I really didn't feel like doing all this...but I would have been letting a lot of other people down if I didn't! 

But I was sneaky this time...I cut each square a tiny bit bigger and at the second stage of piecing,I would trim the four patch segment to 4 1/2 inch square. Also in the instructions, it suggested that it was only necessary to finger press the seam of those first 2 squares sewn together...well eventually I used the iron on those seams too with good results. 
I also did something that I haven't done for years...I tacked (basted) some of the seams with great unpicking! My Nanna Rita ( a tailoress) would have been proud! Lol) 
Late Wednesday night, I had finished 27 blocks which was all I needed to mail as #28 is kept by the maker.  I ironed all of them one more time, prior to wrapping up for sending...all was good except 3 of the blocks. On closer inspection these 3  were very poor really could not be sent in the swap. 
So there was nothing for it but to cut another 48 squares! And today I worked at finishing this three and by this afternoon, I was happy with the quality of all 27 blocks. 

In this project I have made every careless mistake possible I think...squares cut carelessly, squares' corners not lining up, wonky, crooked seams, instead of both right sides together for seams, I occasionally had wrong side and right side facing in and sewn, I had twisted intersections' seams, wrong side facing out etc etc... Dreadful! One mistake I kept repeating was in the second step of construction. The segment on the left should have the seam pressed 'up' and the one on the right should be 'down'. 

To keep perpetuating the same mistake is a bit of a worry...:-/
(The lower segment is correctly aligned and ready for pressing)
Maybe it's the onset of 'Crafters' Dementia'?? Hope not!!! Lol
So, some maths...originally I cut 454 squares (448 needed for 28, 16 square blocks plus 6 extras to replace ones that 'didn't work'). Then I have cut another 224 in the last week...phew! 
When I get the parcel with 27 blocks swap blocks from the other participants,  I think it was all worth it! I mean, all that Liberty Fabric...loveliness!  


Anonymous said...

Wow. You have been busy, but aren't those Liberty prints beautiful. Well done. I'm meeting a gardening friend over at Park Road this morning and she phoned to say "meet me under the Eiffle Tower". Made me feel very cosmopolitan! Best wishes from Jean.

Nanette said...

Oh Maria! I know that feeling when working to a deadline and having to spend every minute working on the project....and not wanting to do it anymore! Good on you though for making sure all the blocks you sent out were good'uns, I've been in swaps where this hasn't happened. Just think how good you'll feel when you open that return parcel. The Liberties look lovely.

Vireya said...

Congratulations on getting them done! I hope the other swap participants have been so meticulous.

doodles n daydreams said...

Oh, I wouldn't have the patience for all that unpicking and fiddly work. I have a sister who would do it, and her daughter as well as one of mine but that particular gene seems to have passed me by. Well done. I'll be looking forward to the finished product.


margaret said...

well I think you deserve a gold medal for persevering with this project. I think everything that could have gone wrong did. but at the end of it you had 28 great blocks. Unpicking seems to take for ever but so worth it when you get the blocks the exact size
Like you I have had problems cutting, not sure how some people cut though so many layers at the same time, I know it does not work for me. Cutting slightly bigger works and trimming down afterwards I have found helpful

Dorothy said...

Well .... crafters dementia did it for me LOL - I'm in awe of people who do patchwork/quilting - love the look of it but I don't think I'd have the patience (or skill) to give it a go. In addition, my craft room is chocka block full of yarn so no room for fabric. Will you be making your swap squares into a quilt? xox

Jill Butler Design said...

I felt anxious just reading this post. Hope you have a more relaxing time in the coming week! :)

Cath said...

All I can say is EEEEEEEEk! so many squares and Liberty Fabric is not the stuff you want to make mistakes with as it is so fine making it fray easily.....and expensive! If it makes you feel any better, I will admit to having days like that too.......far too many days like that!

Lin said...

Well, I do admire your perseverance! But I know that when you participate in a swap you need everything to be perfect. I hope that all the blocks your receive will be as perfect as yours and that you make something beautiful with them. xx PS what are you doing with all the unused squares?

Mizumatte said...

wouw and again Maria, what a job you have done and didn't give up you are a real fighter never giving up.take care Jaana