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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Took the photos; never wrote the blog post! #1

Since the advent of digital cameras and blogging in my life, I would have taken several thousand photos. In that number, there are photos taken with a future blog post in mind, but whatever the circumstances, the post was never written. And so it was that my latest library book reminded me of some of those photos...I must hastily add that it is the setting of the book not the plot which reminded me of those photos and the unwritten blog post! 

Yes! I'm reading a 'Rebus' novel; this one was published in 2012 and John Rebus is now a retired police officer working in a Cold Case Unit in a civilian capacity. And in this book he is driving around a fair bit and I know some of the places that he mentions...the town of Pitlochry for one, and he's driven back and forth over the Forth Road Bridge several times in the course of his investigation...yes! I realise that  technically he shouldn't be investigating anything as he is no longer a police officer...but it is Rebus whom I'm talking about here! lol.

So...that bridge. DH and I saw it in 2008 on our 8 day bus tour of the was a rather rushed look! Our tour group dined at a restaurant which is between the approaches of the 2 Forth bridges...the rail and road. Last year, however,  we spent a lot more time exploring Edinburgh and surrounds.
Our charming B and B in Edinburgh...

 One cold afternoon we drove out to Queensferry...

Queensferry, such a beautiful and very quaint place; love the cobblestones with the wheely bins close by...ancient and modern side by side!

DH wanted to get some photos of the famous bridges...the graceful road bridge.
It was a rather windy the day we were there and apparently 'tall' vehicles like trucks, caravans, buses etc were not allowed on the bridge because of the buffeting winds...

DH also took photos of the magnificent rail bridge...

Zooming in a bit closer...this bridge is an amazing engineering feat and was opened in 1890!

Then DH decided that he would like me to be in the photo...
Please take the photo quickly...the wind is sooooo cold!

But he would have preferred me to have my eyes open! Ooooh...I've nearly got my eyes open now!
This will have to do! lol.

The photos of me with the bridge in the background didn't make it into the family calendar...this one did!

I see that another bridge is being built across the Firth; I guess it will be rather large too! And one last thing...I thoroughly enjoyed the Rebus novel. Ian Rankin writes such wonderful descriptions of places in his really feel you are there! Occasionally I catch episodes of the TV series of Rebus but they bear only a slight resemblance to the books! 

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Mizumatte said...

what a cool bridge, like it. I like the Rubus books too
take care Jaana