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Wednesday, March 26, 2014


After DH and I picked up our hire car we drove out of London and headed for Windsor.

 We stayed at a lovely B&B; the first time I had ever stayed in such accommodation; it was a great experience ! 
A street scene in Windsor...

Our B&B in Windsor...
Of course the main reason for being in Windsor was to tour the castle.
Windsor Castle has been the home of British royalty since 1070, when William the Conquerer started the building work. It has been added to in the centuries since then and the buildings ( and there are many!) cover 5 hectares or 13 acres.

The tower was originally built of wood but eventually it was rebuilt with stone. George iv had the tower extended upwards by 10 metres during his reign.
We were lucky to see these troops marching past...

The Brunswick Tower is on the end of this wing...according to our guide this tower saved the castle from complete destruction during the fire that raged through the castle in 1992. The floors in the Brunswick Tower collapsed during the fire and the tower became like a giant chimney drawing the flames upwards and away from the state apartments. 

After our half hour tour of a part of the grounds we then went inside to the areas that were opened to the public at this time. Firstly we all filed through Queen Mary's Dolls House which was just so impressive. There were also dolls and children's clothing on display as well. Then we were directed through the State Apartments which were very opulent and filled with amazing Georgian and Victorian era furniture. The art works were varied and included huge tapestries. The view from the windows was pretty impressive too...but of course no photography was allowed inside.
After the tour of the inside we walked around some of the gardens which were accessible to the public with tickets. 
The royal standard flag flying on the tour meant the queen was home...but we didn't catch sight of her walking her corgi dogs! Lol

Just before we left DH took this photo showing the statue of Queen Victoria.


Marilyn said...

Great photos, Maria. I enjoyed our visit to Windsor, but the Queen was not in residence that day.

Patricia Lewis said...

That was very interesting Maria.. :)) Thanks for sharing your travels with us :))

Susan said...

I love your B&B - it must've been a lovely experience from what you say.
Great fun looking around all those royal buildings too.
Love your outfit :D)