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Monday, March 17, 2014

Encore Post; Yay! I did it!

This post was originally published October 31, 2011. How things have changed...I do have a smart phone now and I 'do' Facebook and emails on it and I use the 'share' app to send photos to Picasa, Dropbox etc. Well I try to any way! lol. My Samsung Galaxy takes great photos and as it's always with me,it gets to take lots.

Yay! I did it!!...

I have had a mobile phone since early 2000. Not the same one, but a number of different models. Since I've retired I've hardly used it but I still intend to keep it. I don't have a smart phone like most of our family members have...I'm one of those 'dinosaurs' who say that they they just want a phone that calls can be made on and received and of course sms. My last 2 mobile phones have had a camera function because of an experience I had in a supermarket carpark one evening about 4 years ago. My car's back bumper
'touched' another car's front bumper...completely my fault, I honestly hadn't seen her when a car suddenly reversed out in front of me. I had put my car into reverse to avoid being hit and my car lurched back into this other car.

 The other driver and I drove our cars to where the big light in the car park was, so we could check out the cars. She had an old car with a heavy metal bumper...we both agreed...not a mark. My Hyundai had a painted back bumper made of a kind of plastic...not a mark or even a scratch. She berated me and then we both went our separate ways. Six weeks later I got a letter of demand to pay the costs of the 'substantial damage' to the front of her car, with a description of a severely crumpled bumper and bonnet. DH followed it up for me but it was a case of her word against mine...we paid that's why I have a phone with a camera.

The Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains on a foggy October day

Now I haven't had a situation again like I described but I have taken a few photos with my phone and I've also received photos from other people on my phone. Those of you who are technologically brilliant will laugh when I tell you how I've got those photos 'off' my phone. I would forward them from my phone to DD1's or DD2's smartphone...they would then email them from their phone to my hotmail address and then I would save them to my pictures folder on the computer. But not any more. Yesterday I stumbled and fumbled around and managed to use the installation disc which I had not managed to misplace unlike previous phone models.  Most of the photos I've taken with the phone were very ordinary but there were one or two that weren't too bad. The photos I've posted are when we all went to my nephew's wedding last year. I didn't take the camera when we all went to the lookout at Katoomba so I used the phone...naughty DD1 poking a face like that at her mother!!! lol


Susan said...

Oh dear such a nasty experience about the car bump.

You are really up there with all your techie knowledge and equipment Maria. Good on you! :D)

Maa said...

Get yourself a new IPad then you'll have fun.Computer, phone and camera all in one. you'll wonder how you did without it. its so easy to use. Sue