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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Day 1; Let's Get Stitched.

Eight of us travelled down to Melbourne this morning on Virgin Flight 324. I noticed on my print out with all my details that I had booked the seat on August 31 last year...seems so long ago now! 
When we arrived in Melbourne there was a bit of a scare for one of the Queensland ladies...her bag was missing! After a worrying 15 minutes or so, one of our eagle-eyed bloggers, Noela, spied the bag sitting on the ground beside the next luggage carousel...phew! Apparently the bag was carried on an earlier flight! Thank goodness it all turned out ok. 

We were able to all get into a maxi taxi for the trip to our hotel complex which worked out to $8 each...sweet! Lol

Today has all been about catching up and meeting fellow bloggers in person, which has been delightful! 

Dinner was a rather noisy, laughter filled hour or two!

And after dinner, the name badges that we had all made, were distributed.

Here's Helen pinning on the name tag that I made for her...

Helen told me that she loves hexies too! 
And here is my lovely purple mauve name badge made for me by Fiona/Fee. Absolutely love it!

Now I booked into the Sleep and Go part of the Bell City Rydges Complex. My room is described as a Studio; it's spotless and has everything I need's so funny...I laughed and laughed when I saw the bathroom...although that might be too grand a word for it, lol!

Yes your eyes do not deceive you...the loo is in the shower recess. But don't worry, the shower curtain pulls along on a curved track so the toilet paper doesn't get wet while you shower...more pics...
This photo shows the lever tap for the shower and the flush buttons for the loo...and the loo paper roll too! 
A better view of my 'kitchenette'...the wash basin with the microwave and small fridge underneath. 
As I'm such a short person...this room is scaled perfectly for me! 


Lin said...

Am so envious - it sounds as though you are all going to have a great time. I have been reading about this event in several blogs and you are going to be with a great crowd of people. xx

Susan said...

You all look so happy and into it right away. Those name tags are beautiful... and unique, much better than the old white square stick-on bits of paper lol !
A very compact motel room, it was named appropriately.
No need to tell you to have fun - you are!! Cheerio :D)

Una said...

Sometimes I would love a small compact place to would be much easier and quicker.

Tatkis said...

Great trip, enjoy!


Michelle Ridgway said...

Wow!!! Lucky girl! Have a great time with everyone!

Vireya said...

Welcome to Melbourne!

Janice said...

I'm jealous... I love Melbourne, and our 10 day stop there was too short....and was now over a month ago. I really do think it is a wonderful city....some of the best museums, galleries, and coffee in the world ! Enjoy. Jx

Anonymous said...

Glad you are here Maria,it was great spending time with you today,see you tomorrow for some more fun.xx

Chookyblue...... said...

have a great time away............