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Monday, October 7, 2013

News Flash: Operation Postponed!

After several days of psyching myself up for this surgery, my doctor rang at 5.30am and said to delay going to the hospital until I got a another call from her. That call came over an hour later and the message was 'Sorry not today'. Dr Cheung had had to perform an emergency caesarean  which meant she was running 1 1/2 hours late. So, being third on her list, and a longer op, I got 'bumped'. I certainly hope the mum and baby in the emergency are all fine but it's still a bit disappointing. What can we do to 'turn this around'?
So DH and I went out for breakfast...
One cappuccino

Halfway through my delicious Eggs Benedict, with DH's omelette in the background almost all eaten up too

Thank you all for the lovely messages of support and all those positive thoughts and prayers. All being well, my operation should be rescheduled for a fortnight from today.
And now because of the postponement, DH will be able to go and play in the Tournament on the Sunshine Coast next week. He had cancelled because of the surgery but he's found that there are still vacancies. So it looks like I'll be up on the Sunshine Coast next week too :-)


Vireya said...

Well I hope you enjoy your back-up trip to the Sunshine Coast. Always good to have a contingency plan!

Best wishes for recovery still apply - just postponed for two weeks.

Lin said...

Oh what a let down! Nothing worse than than thinking that it could have been all over now!Do hope that the next two weeks whiz by (lots of craft to make the time fly?) and that all then goes well for you.
It has long been my dream to have eggs benedict - I do hope that I don't have to wait for such a disappointment before I get to try! xx

Sue Niven said...

Coffee and eggs look great! I hope it all works out fine.xx

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the postponement as you had built yourself up for it. I read this a couple of days ago but realised I hadn't left a comment. Take care.