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Monday, October 14, 2013


I was 17 when I left school and went to Teachers' College.

First not my car!

On my first day there I met Pat for the first time...we both commented that the other looked familiar. Finally we decided that we must have seen each other at church as that seemed to be the only place that we both had in common. We became very good mates...
My beautiful friend on her wedding day

In our first year, we both did our teaching practicum at Mitchelton State School and we both attended college social functions such as the balls. When we graduated we both got posted to the same school. Pat was transferred at the end of our first year, but after a few years she was back at the same school. Transfers and motherhood would then see  us not working together for a number of years. Then later in our careers we were back working together in the same schools.
Now Pat had married Patrick, who had been in the year ahead of us at college, and in the 1990s he became Principal of a large Brisbane school. Pat and I did relief teaching at his school. Eventually both of us were employed as 'permanents' in different schools but of course we stayed in touch.

Enjoying their retirement doing a bit of travelling (in NZ) 
Pat and Pat retired a few years before me. After the floods here in 2011 they both volunteered at the St Vinnies (St Vincent dePaul) Warehouse sorting donations. Patrick has continued to work as a volunteer 'sorter' ( he does toys) and this year when he found out that K4BN was always grateful for yarn donations, he arranged for oddment balls/skeins to be put aside and he then purchased them for the group. (The balls still with the bands on them go to the op shops for sale)

The other night my friends came over for dinner and Patrick handed over a very heavy bag full of yarns...collected over a number of weeks, and so appreciated.

And this is Pat and Maria; friends since they were 17 years old...

And earlier last Friday a K4BN member dropped in with some squares she had crocheted for the group. A mere 164 squares! Christine is a 'crocheting machine' I think! lol

Christine carried these from her car in one trip...I carried them one bag at a time from our veranda to one of the spare bedrooms...they were heavy bags! 

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