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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Just a few things...

Firstly a big thank you to those of you who left such lovely comments on my post entitled, 'What a difference six weeks makes...'   All of your comments  encapsulated what that experience taught me...

Live life to the full!!
*March 7, 2011: DH and I get around and have met quite a few people on our travels...

As Janice said in her comment...'There is no doubt about it.... live every day to the full....make the most of every opportunity and enjoy whatever chances that come along'  

Or as Vireya commented...'Thank you for posting this. It's a lesson I need to learn.' 

And Helen made the observation...' Thank you soooo much for reminding us all how fragile our lives are and not to take them for granted :-))))))'

And Helen's comment reminded me of something that happened last year that 'quite shook me up'. You see as the years have gone along since 2002 I had started to dismiss my family's assertions that I had been so seriously ill, but last year the daughter in law of a couple in our parish died rather suddenly. I asked M whether her DiL had had cancer. Her answered 'floored' me! The young mother had been struck down by a mystery virus, it had attacked her organs and one by one these organs had shut down...deja vu!!! I was obviously very lucky that my liver was able to repair itself and no other organs were affected !!! 

Moving on now...
 I own a rather small car which I've named, Mitzi Micra. This car doesn't have a very big boot (trunk) space and lately those old sayings like, 'loaded to the hilt', or 'packed to the rafters' ,'loaded up to the gills' and even 'loaded to the gunnels/gunwales', have sprung to mind! lol
On the 3rd Wednesday of the month,  I collected the donations from our (K4BN) Albany K&N...the boot was already filled with a large box of blankets ( for the needy) given to me by a lady at Sisters of Stitch. Sharing the tiny boot space with the box was also a big bag of yarn that a friend got from an op shop for those donations that Wednesday went in the back seat area!

Lots of knitted and crocheted items including some beautiful toys!
Then last Saturday I was able to hand over over all those things at that Knit and Natter, and I had room then for more things! lol    And I needed that space because, on the last Wednesday gone, I picked up many bags of yarn from Judie at SoS and some bags of squares and other items from 3 other ladies there. 
Look how generous these wonderful ladies are!

There are several bags of yarn here, plus a bag of beautifully knitted beanies.

 The wonderful thing about yarns and items made with yarns...they're rather 'squishy' and so even with a small car, I can get lots in! 

Now Tuesday this coming week, I can hand in all those bags of goodies ready for their distribution to those who need them. I will also have 4 knitted/crocheted blankets that I have worked on to go as well...3 of these blankets were just either sewing up other people's squares or finishing off an op shop buy  which was too small and obviously unfinished. My friend Jenny over at Justjen Knits and Stitches is also sewing up squares and she is brilliant at getting funny shapes and sizes to fit! lol
These 4 should be able to be squeezed in the boot too!!
And there may be another blanket sewn up out of squares by Tuesday too! 

* at Madame Tussauds' in Hollywood


Susan said...

Thats a lot of wooly stuff Maria - all going to grast homes I'm sure. That story about M's DIL would have sent a shiver down your spine I am sure. Indeed you were lucky.

Anonymous said...

Dear Maria
Sorry to hear about M's DIL. Very sad. What a wake up call.
You and your group of knitters and crafters are achieving so much in the community. Your car certainly was packed to the 'gunnels' with comforts for needy folk.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Love the pic with Obama. You must tell us some time about your visit to the White House!