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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

It's finished!

The Art Show throw was finished on Monday...all ends woven in, label sewn on, Care Instructions sheet printed off and the  cardboard label with the name and price was made. So may I present to you, 'Not Quite 50 Shades With Grey'...  And yesterday, (Wednesday) I handed over to the organisers of the show.

The mohair yarn is equivalent to a 12 ply and I used 6.5mm circular needles with a cast on of 205 stitches.

 The yarn knits up to be very warm but has that fineness which is a feature of mohair yarns. You can see the outline of my clothesline through the throw :-)
I used a favourite stitch pattern which was published in a craft series called Silver Needles, in the 1980s.  The original pattern used just 3 colours; a main colour and 2 contrasts. I've used the stitch pattern to make my children jumpers when they were little, I've made a number of baby shawls using white with pastels for contrasts. I've used the pattern in bands around beanies and jumpers. I have also used one variegated yarn for the contrasts with the colour changes making a lovely item.
I adapted the pattern many years ago to use lots of colours, especially part balls of yarn and this is what i did with this grey creation... some of the colours I used were oddments, merely 20 or so metres in length . I'm planning to experiment once more with the pattern where I am going to use more than one background stayed 'tuned' as they say!

In case anyone would like to try this easy pattern, I've included the original version for you. 


Susan said...

Cant beast some of those old patterns. the throw looks beautiful and I am sure its very warm too.

Marilyn said...

Maria, your throw is beautiful. A very interesting pattern, thank you for sharing it.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

This is just lovely, the colors wonderful.

Maria said...

Your Throw is beautiful Maria.

Anonymous said...

Maria your throw is absolutely beautiful. (And I love how you've named it!)

Anthea said...

Wow Susan, 50 Shades looks wonderful!
What a great make, and I hope it sold quickly x

Lynn said...

Another beautiful project finished Maria, you're such an inspiration!

Susan, a Sometimes Blogger said...

Hi Maria, I really admire your gorgeous throw and can imagine how soft it must feel.
Well done - and thank you for including your pattern too. I don't mind doing a little knitting in this cooler weather. Really enjoyed following your last pattern :D)