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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Customer Service...

Recently I was with a group of fellow crafters and the subject of buying online came up. As one lady commented...'It's just so easy to buy online'...and we all agreed! I think that I bought my first quilt fabrics online about 6 years ago and I bought them from eQuilter which is a huge US business operating out of Colorado.  They use large ads placed in craft magazines and that's how I found out about them. I bought quite a bit from eQuilter, not only for myself but also placed large orders for my friend who was a bit scared about buying online. :-) Then a stallholder at the Stafford heights markets told me about and I trawled that site with its huge number of shops when I wanted some fabric in particular.

But in more recent years I'm buying less (so I tell myself :-) ) and I'm supporting Australian online fabric shops and there are a lot around who have amazing stock and not really over the top prices at all. However, in January, I trawled the various sites looking for some fabric with knitting designs on it. After a lot of looking I ended up placing an order with eQuilter as they had all the selection that I wanted, not just one or two like the other retailers. I placed that order on January 23.  

By mid March, when the parcel had not arrived, I got a bit concerned. I wondered whether eQuilter would take the attitude ' Too bad, so sad. We sent it; too bad it didn't get there. Nothing we can do about it.'  But remember this is all in my imagination...the reality was somewhat different...
With postage, the parcel represented about $42USD, so I wrote them an email, saying I was worried that the parcel was taking too long to arrive and was maybe 'lost'. Well within a day there was a reply giving me the details of what happened to the package on its journey from Colorado to LA where it had passed through their customs and had left the country by air. But there could be no tracking after that. So I was asked to do a few things from this end. I  received a set of steps to go through to satisfy their insurance. So I contacted Australia Post, asked my neighbours did any of them collect a parcel for me and sent a query to Customs.

When that all came back in the negative, eQuilter then lodged what they had to, and I was told it might take a week or two. While that was being sorted, stock was checked and all but one fabric could be replaced. I could get a credit or I could choose something else as a replacement. I did the latter. Throughout all this my eQuilter contact was a lady called Dana...and she was wonderful! It wasn't long before I got another email from Dana saying the claim had been approved and my parcel was on its way. She just asked that I let her know when it goodness it was the least I could do after all her efforts.

Here's the photo of Dana from the eQuilter website; her bio says that she is a keen quilter :-)

Two weeks later, the parcel was left on my front steps...not as usual,on the ground beside my letterbox or put under the was on the top step!! So here they 'knitting' fabrics...

The red fabric with the knitting terms is the substitute for the one in the 'Ewe' series that I had originally ordered. 
So sometime soon, I plan to make a another knitting project bag and also make a storybook bag for the children's book, 'The Story Blanket' which is the sweetest old folk story.

Babba Zarrah has a beautiful woollen sitting blanket, which the children sit on to listen to her stories. When she realises the villagers need new clothes, Babba Zarrah begins to unravel her blanket in secret to make them. But when the villagers discover Babba Zarrah's secret, they decide to give Babba Zarrah a surprise in return.

So you now know what at least one of my great nieces will get for Christmas this year! lol 


Anonymous said...

That is wonderful service Maria.

By the way, David, Lorraine and I took our boat trip from Brett's Wharf down to the Gold Coast on Sunday and had a great time. Thank you for your post, months ago, that told us all about the trip.

Tanya Murray said...

You could be in big trouble Miss...sending me off to have a look at fabrics now!

Vireya said...

How horrible that your parcel went missing, but how wonderful that eQuilter replaced it for you!

I've had times when I've ordered from overseas, that the parcel arrived the day after I had given up hope of it ever getting here. But I haven't actually had one fail to arrive, fortunately.

Anthea said...

Ha, I love Tanya's Comment! I agree!
Good for you, not everyone gives such good service