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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Coffee with my Grade 8 Science teacher!

On March 3 this year, I wrote a post about receiving an email from 2 teachers who taught at my high school in the mid 1960s. They had found me via my blog after googling the name of the school and adding the word 'reunion'. That was so exciting at that time! Last week Mr and Mrs McC emailed a friend and I saying that they would be in Brisbane staying with their daughter for a week or so and that they would love to catch up.

So today my friend Jane and I met them for coffee and had the most wonderful time listening to their memories from those days. Of course they also wanted to know what Jane and I had done in the years since we had left school too! :-)

My friend Jane, with myself and Mrs McC

Jane had brought along a copy of the school magazine which we all looked through, and which prompted more memories and anecdotes!

Mr McC my science teacher in my first year of high school, engendered in me a lifelong love and interest for  Science. I in turn hoped that I passed that enthusiasm on to my students over the 36 years I spent in the classroom as a teacher.
I must admit that I was a bit nervous as I got ready to leave home and head off to the local shopping centre but I needn't have worried. They are a lovely couple and Jane and I spent a delightful couple of hours with them.


Marit Johanne said...

Oh, it looks like a very nice meeting!

Paul said...

How wonderful meeting up with your old teachers. Did they tell any stories about you?

Paul said...
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