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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Some dogs of Huntington Beach...

In the last week of our holiday in the USA we stayed most of the time with Bruce’s cousin Adrienne at Huntington Beach.
The cousins

Adrienne and Cindy have a beautiful home which they share with golden retriever dogs. Not just any dogs...these are all rescued dogs.
Maddie, Cali and Casey being supervised by Cindy while Felix has his massage

Maddy loves to roll around on her back

Darling Felix who appeared to be at 'death's door' until the massages gave him back some energy

This is Casey (I think; she and Cali are very similar) with one of her toys

They live in the lap of luxury when they get rescued by this pair! Dog beds and blankets spread around the rooms of the house, walkies around the lovely neighbourhood, big dinner bowls, agility classes and even some special massage sessions for lovely elderly Felix who is 15! Felix was rescued at 13 and really was in a bad way. Adrienne said that they thought it was a matter of keeping him comfortable but that he was nearing death. The massages are done by a lady called Bettina and Felix has responded so well; he has lots more energy. I watched a massage session and it reminded me of Bowen treatments.

Bettina at work on Felix

What mess/ I didn't do anything...!

Maddy on one of the doggie blankets.
As well as Felix, there is Cali (short for California Dreaming), Casey and the baby, Maddie. DH and I loved the opportunity to cuddle and pat these beautiful dogs. Our dog Ozzie had died just over a year ago and we still miss her. When we were leaving Huntington Beach, Adrienne said that the dogs would miss us and I guess we’ve missed them too!

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Claud said...

Awwww - they are beautiful! I'm so glad that there is people like your cousins who care and love their pets - which is the way it should be. It makes me almost want a puppy ;-)