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Friday, April 29, 2011

The royal wedding...

I love weddings ...the dresses, the flowers, the music, the liturgy and of course the receptions. Unfortunately I was not invited to Prince William and Kate's wedding today but with the whole thing televised DH and I could still be part of the celebrations! (Well to be perfectly honest DH would have preferred his normal Friday night football especially as his beloved Broncos were playing! lol)
So earlier today, I used the little ladder to access a high shelf in our wardrobe to get down my 'tiara'; it's actually the band I wore in my hair for our wedding) Then later I made some dainty little sandwiches; 2 types, chicken and cucumber. (very English) Last year DH won a bottle of Moet champagne which was brought out for these royal nuptials. I also prepared a meal that could be cooked later in the evening after the 'kiss on the balcony'.

Next step was to clear the coffee table in the loungeroom and to put a starched, embroidered cloth on it. Then out came some 'special' glasses with handpainted flowers which were a wedding present. Just about ready by now as we planned to start viewing at about 5.30. So DH put on his 'tuxedo' T shirt and I put on the outfit I wore to DD1's wedding.

I loved the bride's dress; it was gorgeous! Kate was certainly a beautiful bride and William and Harry looked so impressive in their uniforms.I thought that the service was very moving, the music and the choral singing magnificent! And the crowds! These were huge and when the crowd moved behind the line of police and walked towards the palace...well that was just amazing!
DH called me a 'closet Royalist' but I'm not! I just love a wedding! Our children would probably think we are crazy...but we sure had fun!


Claud said...

Good for you! I love wedding also. I was not able to watch the whole thing, but I can't wait to watch it tonight. You look lovely by the way ;-).

Maria said...

Thanks Claud! I think you will enjoy it! The English pageantry was superb...everything timed to the last minute and then after the ceremony all the horse drawn carriages...magnificent!