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Thursday, April 14, 2011

On my mind...breakfasts

Today I join fellow bloggers on the Down to Earth blog on the regular Friday feature, 'On my mind...'
Regular readers know that DH and I have been travelling these past 6 weeks. We like our hotels to have free wifi, laundry facilities if possible and DH likes a package where breakfast is included. We've stayed in many hotels on this holiday and the type and quality of breakfast offered has varied greatly. We've contributed to an increase in landfill here by the number of plastic bowls, plates and cutlery we've used in most motels.
Our hotel in New York was undergoing renovations on the lower floor so management provided 'breakfast boxes' that we collected from reception and then took to our rooms to consume. So even though I'm going to be critical, I acknowledge it was all about convenience and providing a service despite difficulties.
Now remember those 'cop shows' on TV where the officers eat doughnuts for breakfast??? It does happen!!! lol The contents of each of these boxes were;- 1 croissant, 1 cinnamon bun/donut, 1 prepackaged blueberry cake/muffin, 1 Special K bar, 1 packet orange juice. Also on the counter were extra pastries, as well as coffee and apples and bananas. I usually 'jagged' a banana but you had to be quick!!! SUGAR HIGH!!!!!!! I just can't eat that much sweet food any more for breakfast...but I can remember many many years ago my father ' having a fit' when he saw me have a slice of chocolate cake for breakfast! I was 14 but I remember it as though it was yesterday. He was really irate!!! My mother had given up on making me eat traditional breakfast food and let me eat all manner of 'inappropriate foods'. I wonder whether my daughters will read this! lol


Mary said...

I've never been a breakfast person, and the older I get the more violently I react to empty carbs and sugar in the morning. Fruit please?

Enjoy your trip!

Becky said...

Ah yes the "Continental Breakfast" of the Motel Industry here in the USA. Most will also include the opportunity to make a waffle! Bagels, danishes, donuts... YUK! We always struggle and end up eating a bowl of cereal and several pieces of fruit. And the Styrofoam cups for coffee... YUCK! I told my DH that I'm going to start packing two ceramic mugs for us to have coffee in each morning as I just hate the way coffee tastes in those Yuki cups.