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Thursday, November 25, 2010

When Things go wrong!

Yesterday a few disappointing things happened to me but you have 'to take the good with the bad I reckon'. I tend to 'beat myself up' blaming myself and making myself miserable when things don't go as planned but I'm gradually learning to stop that and be a bit more philosophical about disappointments. I have been working on a knitted throw on and off for a month or so and it's about 60cm long. It's my 'no brainer' design of simple garter stitch chevron pattern using lots of fancy yarns to get that luxury effect with little effort or real concentration. But something went wrong yesterday; something that had never happened before. In the 'new bit' I had knitted yesterday 2 huge holes appeared. So I pulled the knitting off the circular needle and pulled out a few inches. I examined the yarn and it seemed strong and not moth damaged. Then I tried to pick up the 185 stitches but using fancy yarns makes this a nightmare. I didn't seem to be able to do it at all. This had never happened to me before! So instead of unpicking the whole rug, I zigzaged the end on the sewing machine to stop the unravelling and then crocheted over the zigzag with a simple double crochet edging. It's most probably will be a cat rug now or...I may make it into a cushion as the yarns are lovely.
The story doesn't end there...later that night I was reading a craft mag in bed and started reading an article about 3 women who earn a living with their crafts. One question was asked of all there', 'Have you ever had any crafting disasters?'. They all said yes but 2 made a similar observation...'The important thing is how you handle the disappointment of something going wrong' ... and I thought how true!
This is one of my 'Chevron No-brainer' Throws. Someone actually paid me money for this one!

The rug I was working on was not for any particular person. I was just trying to get a little stockpile of rugs so if a raffle prize is needed or someone is having a traumatic time and need cheering up...well I had some throws in reserve. I still have one spare so that's not too bad. With the hotter weather coming I'm going to knit some 'kite shapes' to sew into a rug next winter or so. As well,on the 'Jimmy Beans' webpage they have some great projects called 'scarves into throws' where you knit a number of narrow rectangles and then stitch them into a throw. These projects avoid the heat of knitting throws in summer.
PS still don't really know what happened yesterday; it could have been carelessness and I dropped some stitches...time to move on and work on something else while the cat get's used to his new rug! lol

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Maria said...

oh dear, I've been around school children for too long! I've just seen that I wrote 'gets' as, shock horror!! 'get's'