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Sunday, November 21, 2010


This is an example of my knitted slipstitch throws from the 1990s. Holding it up is my daughter Jen

Yesterday I attended a reunion lunch with friends from my school days. I sat opposite Glenda who was in my class all throughout primary school and then high school although she left school early in our Grade 12 year. All the ladies at the lunch talked about our school days but somehow we got around to talking about how girls did sewing once a week. We mentioned the samplers we made, the aprons etc but Glenda and I remembered knitting a washer (facecloth) out of cotton in Grade 5. I remember thinking what a daggy thing this washer was...but now it's very trendy among the 'knitterati' to knit washers and dishcloths!

Still looking back...I learned to knit at the end of Grade 2. My mum was always knitting and I was always pestering her to teach me. Finally she relented and I started with some plastic needles and some red 4 ply wool. It was supposed to be a scarf and I remember the holes in it and the wavy edge but I had knitted something. A few years later I had a go at knitting dolls' clothes from patterns in mum's English Womens Weekly. I remember those turning out quite well so I must have been able to read a pattern. Didn't do too much knitting then for years as wool was so expensive. Started knitting again in earnest after I started working as I could afford the wool!

Started knitting throws instead of crocheting them when I gave up work to stay home with my girls. Knitting used less yarn than crocheting. I discovered 'slipstitch' patterns at that time and still use them today. They're easy, as, despite being multi coloured, only one colour is used per row. As times goes on, I'll put some of the patterns I use on this blog to share. I'm planning to do lots of knitting when I'm retired...even dishcloths!

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