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Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Lead-up to Christmas

Every year at this time I regret not having made more of an effort to make gifts for the people in my life. Will that all change next year when I am retired?? This year I even subscribed to the 'Fairies in My Garden' gift of the month program so I could be organised. I have a delightful pile of projects completely untouched except the initial drooling over the contents when the monthly package arrived. This year I also did an online course with Judy Hall from 'Punch with Judy' in the uses of the 'Pleating tool'. Had a lot of fun working through the lessons but no gifts have emerged from that exercise.
However all is not lost in the 'make a Christmas Gift stakes'...I have made a knitted throw for my teaching partner of the last 2 years and after school finishes for me on Dec 8 there is still time to make something for a friend who uses blue for her Christmas decorating....after all I have the blue Christmas fabric and the patterns. lol

Francesca's Rug

Shortly I'm heading off to a Christmas lunch with a group of friends which we call the 'Newmarket Mums' as we all lived in the area and got to know each other when our children attended Newmarket State school. We bonded through Tuckshop roster, P&C Meetings, sewing Bees and Fete Committees, street stalls and raffles. We meet for coffee each month on the last Sunday of the month Jan-Sept, lunch in November and don't meet in December and have been doing this for years. Today we have Secret Santa and my gift is something I bought from a market; a net table throw, very useful in Queensland. But a niggly thought in my brain keeps saying...'You used to sew all sorts of could have made something yourself...' on and on 'it' nags! lol Maybe next year in the next stage of my life!

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