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Friday, June 1, 2018

May 2018; 4 birthdays and a wedding!!!

The birthdays were small family affairs but the wedding was a BIG one! We may not have had an invitation to this wedding, and we may have been thousands of kilometres away from the actual venue...but that didn't stop us celebrating the young couple's nuptials. You have probably guessed that I'm referring to THAT wedding held in Windsor.
DH and I dressed up...don't you love that Tshirt! lol

We had bubbly and nibblies...

Eduardo the cat decided to take up residence on the coffee table...we moved him though! lol!

We watched as the guests started to arrive...all those celebrities! I loved looking at all the outfits...and those hats! The milliners would have been very busy! And of course, I'm always impatient to see the bride's outfit. It was a lovely dress...some people criticized the dress for being very plain with no beading etc, but I thought that its simplicity was part of its charm. The veil was magnificent especially the fact that the design woven included the floral emblem of each Commonwealth country...a very nice touch.
And DH and I even had some wedding cake! It was a 'chunk' of DD1's wedding cake from last September which I had had in the freezer. It defrosted was a checkerboard mudcake...delicious!

I went back through old blog posts to find the photos from when DH and I celebrated William and Kate's was fun too!
I noticed that this time around more of my friends did exactly what DH and I had done, any excuse to party!! lol  I had thought of inviting friends around to make an evening of it but we decided in the end to just have a quiet night in.

Thank you to those of you who have emailed asking after little Abigail. The family has gone back home to the farm now and the little one is gaining weight due to the nasogastric feeding tube. Last Friday she was fitted with her hearing aids and her mum reports that Abi is responding to sounds.



Vireya said...

What fun! It is nice you can enjoy things like this together. No chance of that here, I was made fun of for wanting to turn it on just to see the dress.

That is good news about baby Abigail.

Maria said...

Great your family and you have been busy with fun celebrations.
Hubby and you did look lovely for the wedding....
Delighted to hear Abi is doing well. 😘

Dorothy said...

Love it !!

angela said...

Great news about your little granddaughter
I think hubby recycled his outfit for both weddings. Very nicely done!
We had our friends over and we watched it all together. The boys don’t want to admit it. But they enjoyed it way more than we girls did. The two of them were busy critiqueing the outfits all night lol

Susan said...

What a fun way to celebrate!

I too loved the idea about the floral emblems - though I am sure the train could have been shorter!!

Cynthia said...

I think your hubby gets the Best Dressed for THE Wedding Award! The cat in the middle of the snack table made me laugh out loud. Ours would be there, too, except one sneaky paw would be inching an item toward the edge to see it fall. Such good news about the baby.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

First, thanks for the update on Abigail. I have been thinking of her, as you know. My grandson wore that T-Shirt all through High School. It was always a hoot.
xx, Carol

Sue (this n that) said...

I loved seeing the fun you have together! Cheers :D) xx

Jackie said...

What a lovely way to celebrate a wedding. I did love her veil.

I am glad that little Abigail is putting on some weight and the hearing aids are working. I will continue to keep her in my prayers.

God bless.

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

I'm glad to hear little Abigail is gaining weight and responding to sounds. I hope she'll go from strength to strength now :) Also, glad you enjoyed the wedding :)