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Monday, February 19, 2018

St Valentine's Day; 1968 and 2018

When I read through my 50 year old diary earlier this year, I was both charmed by part of the entry  for February 14 and also found some of the entry cringeworthy! Lol. Then I shared with my schoolmates with whom I'm still in contact. 

Yes, my classmate Richard gave me an iced biscuit with a heart piped on it with 'M' in the middle. Now Richard  and I are friends on Facebook, so I sent him just the first 4 lines. He didn't remember it of course but we had a laugh together. 

Here he is at a class reunion a few years ago...

The diary entry shows that I was a fiery girl...apparently a fellow student called Pat P accused me of sending him a love letter for Valentine's Day. From what I wrote, I seemed to know it was another student with the initials CP who wrote this letter. I've checked the class photo and there were 2 people with these initials. I couldn't imagine one of them writing it but the other was a great mate of mine with a wicked sense of humour and I CAN imagine her writing it. Lol!!! You see, this Pat P was a real sleaze...if he sat next to you in the library, he would rub his foot up and down a girl's leg 😬. Maybe that's why I slapped him that day in 1968! Fiery!!!

Anyway enough of the past...DH and I rarely celebrate Valentine's Day by going out to a restaurant, usually preferring to having a nice home cooked meal. Sometimes I might be surprised with some flowers and sometimes I would buy DH a nice bottle of red. But this year my friend who owns a cafe was having a special St Valentine's Dinner so I decided to 'shout' DH to a night out. 

It was a wonderful night; worth every penny. My previous experience with St Valentine's Day dinners at restaurants was overcrowding and food obviously not freshly prepared; just squeezing a many people in as possible. Not so at Crema and Cream! 

The food was gorgeous...the handmade ravioli for entree...( photo from the Crema and Cream Facebook page) 

DH and I chose the salmon for our main course...delicious! ( photo also from the cafe's FB page)

Others chose the duck...from the comments at nearby tables, it was as divine as our salmon. ( photo from Crema and Cream Facebook page) 

The dessert was a shared plate of all sorts of sweet treats...mmmmm 😊. 

At the end of the evening my friend gave each of the ladies present a 'rose' and asked us to guess what it was made of. It had a slight fragrance like Vanilla but I couldn't work out what it was made of...

Eventually Gracelyn told's made out of soap! When we want to wash our hands, we just have to pull a petal off, wet it, and wash our hands! Amazing how lifelike it looks! 


mamasmercantile said...

Such lovely memories. I loved the soap, what a lovely gift.

Sharmayne said...

It is funny looking back on old things sometimes .......what a lovely dinner out!

Cynthia said...

That looks like a wonderful dinner. I never would have guessed the Rose was soap. It's so pretty.

Lin said...

What a delicious meal! I agree, we usually skip going out for Valentine's as it is usually overpriced and not good quality. xx

Susan said...

What a lovely touch to give a present...Can't beat salmon ...always my choice.