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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

A little more of February 1968...

In the last post I forgot to write about an outing 'to the pictures' (as the movies/cinema were described in my youth). 

By 1968, many of the suburban picture theatres had closed and a trip to the city theatres was still a special outing. So it was in February 1968, I was taken on a movie date by a 'beau from school' called Ron. The movie was 'Thoroughly Modern Millie', starring Julie Andrews, Mary Tyler Moore and Carol Channing. My diary entry recorded, ' The movie was absolutely marvellous ' and I continued on, 'Ron paid $1.85 each for the seats' followed by lots of exclamation marks!!!! Obviously quite expensive compared to the suburban theatres. 

I do remember loving the movie so much that I went to it again that year as well as watching reruns on TV over the years. 


Susan said...

Wow $1.85...LOL

angela said...

I have seen this movie. But it was so long ago I can’t remember it lol
Must of been a fancy date. What a nice boy he was to take you on such a lovely outing

Vireya said...

I've never seen it - will have to look out for it.

I have a postcard sent to me by a friend visiting Alice Springs around that time, complaining that cans of drink cost 20c there (which I think was close to double the Melbourne price at the time).