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Monday, October 30, 2017

An old photo...

Recently I was tagged on Facebook to join in with posting a black and white photo each day for a week. But you were not supposed to add any text to the no mention of what, who, where or when? I didn't really like that condition but decided to play along. 
One day I posted a photo of me taken in 1953-4 most probably. My mother owned an old box brownie camera and she quite often took photos.

Luckily in the comments, a friend asked about the photo, otherwise no one would have had a clue about it. This is what I can remember my mum telling me. The scene is Sandgate, a beach suburb of Brisbane. ( it's in the north east part of the city) My dad worked weekends so his day off was Wednesday. On many of his days off, the three of us would travel by train to Sandgate and spend the day there. In recent years I've wondered what part of Sandgate this photo was taken in. I thought it might be Flinders Parade which runs parallel to the beach.
After I posted the photo for that B&W photo challenge, I thought that I would post it on a Facebook page called Old Brisbane Album. I wondered if other people could tell me where the old photo was taken.
Well my goodness...what a lot of excitement it promoted! Some people enthused about the advertisements on the shop; some people enthused about the 'cat hat' that my mother had knitted for me. People argued whether the shop was one between Third and Fourth Ave, which is now called 'Doug's Seafood'. Others seemed to hotly disagree, saying it was farther down Flinders Pde and was now a popular cafe, Fish on Flinders'. So it was inconclusive...about where it actually was but all agreed it was Flinders Pde.
Last Saturday, DH and I made a detour on the way home from the Sunshine Coast, to check out Flinders Pde, Sandgate.
It was a busy place last Saturday and rather difficult to get a parking space so I could wander down the street to take some photos.
So here's Doug's Seafood...

And here's Fish on Flinders...

It's probably one of these shops...but I honestly don't know which. 😕
And here's the lunch that DH and I had at Fish on Flinders...mine was the prawn and avocado was yummy!

Now way back when that black and white photo was taken, mum obviously took more this one with my dad...the beach is behind us and the tide is out. I wonder if he and I were checking out a shell...or maybe a little crab?

And mum and dad took other photos that day but they were not printed. It was only when I took a bundle of old negatives from the box brownie to a Kodak shop to have them scanned and put on a CD, that I discovered 2 other photos. They are very blurry...and not terribly flattering...but they are such fun!

Possibly  the house you can see in the next photo is still there on Flinders Pde. But what an exhibitionist I was! Lol


Kate said...

Maria, such a delightful post! It's so wonderful to have these old photos. Your bonnet is really cute.

Nanna Chel said...

Maria, I have some photos like that from back in the day :-) We used to holiday at Redcliffe at the time. Suttons Beach rings a bell too. I don't think the Gold Coast or Sunshine were all that developed at that stage. Life seemed to be so much simpler and it was relaxing going to the beach.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Interesting. How cool that you went back to see what the place looked like today. My husband is always complaining about how things change and buildings disappear. He thinks older is better. I think more progressively. But of course, I was not raised in this immediate area so I have no idea what it was like when he was growing up.

You sure loved the camera when you were little!
xx, Carol

Cynthia said...

Aw, that's such a great post. At least the street stIll exists and you can see how things have changed. What sweet memories you have here in these photos.

angela said...

It’s amazing what one little photo can do lol
You were a cutie. And love the cat hat

Brigie said...

How absolutely wonderful.

Jackie said...

Wonderful pictures. I know when I look at old ones of me (as a first child I have many), I remember my parents with love.

God bless.

doodles n daydreams said...

What wonderful photos and memories, marvellous :)


biebkriebels said...

Love those old photos. It is so nice to have them and see yourself and your parents as they were young.

Kim said...

Sweet photos. It is always interesting revisiting the places of our childhood, bringing back memories. How fun you were able to go to that beach. I always giggle the clothes people wore to the beach way back when. I remember seeing people with suits and ties when I was a wee girl. You certainly caused a fracas with the posting of that photo, didn't you. =)

Sue (this n that) said...

Hello Maria, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing your old black and white pics... glad you got a confirmation of at least the street name.
Even if a bit blurry, those photos would be so precious to you. I think it was amazing you could get those two developed after such a long time too!
Your avocado and prawn sandwich looks so tempting.
Some lovely memories for you there, thanks for sharing :D) xx

Marit Johanne said...

It is amazing how much history some old photos can tell. I enjoyed the phots and to read about it.