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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Playing Tourist in our home town!

Our granddaughter's New Zealand grandmother came over for the first birthday celebrations last week. Our son in law and DsD2 of course had to work most of the week that she was here, so DH and I offered to 'take her around' on the Wednesday. It's always fun showing visitors around our city.
First stop was at the lookout at Mt Coot-tha. Val had been here before, but only at night to see the city lights. In the daytime it certainly looks different and you can see out to the islands in the bay. DH is fabulous at pointing out landmarks...

After a coffee in the Kuta Café on Mt Coot-tha we headed off to our next destination, Redcliffe, which is just north of Brisbane. We travelled north on the Gateway Motorway. Near Bald Hills the motorway was swathed in smoke from a scrub and grass fire in the area...bit of excitement!

Once at Redcliffe we headed to the Bee Gees Walk. When they were children, this group lived at Redcliffe and a few years ago the council there decided that something honouring these famous former residents should be built. DH and I first visited this in 2013, not long after it first opened. I wrote about it here...and I had taken lots of photos on that day which I included in that post.
Over the years we have taken visitors from interstate and overseas there as it's something so different to the norm...and very well done.

And Val loved it!

DH and I enjoyed seeing what had been added in Stage 2, including a large screen with a number of videos of the Bee Gees running continuously.

Lunch was at the Belvedere Hotel at Woody Point which is also on the Redcliffe Peninsula...lovely food and views out over the sea...perfect!

 After lunch we had one more stop before heading back to home. We took Val to Shorncliffe; a beach suburb of Brisbane. We regaled her with both our childhood memories of travelling to this beach by train...always a favourite outing. The old Shorncliffe Pier was demolished a few years ago and has been rebuilt. The locals had won their fight to have their beloved pier rebuilt. It was very quiet the day we were there; it's normally crowded with people fishing and walking.


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

How great to have a town that you can show off!! I would have to drive about 2 hours to Chicago where I was born in order to have much to show off!!
Nice post.
xx, Carol

barbara woods said...

we are the home town of Howard Finister the great painter. but when my children were little he sold used bikes and we got some for our 4 kids

Jackie said...

Wow, I did not know the Bee Gees were from your neck of the woods. How lovely.

God bless.

angela said...

Sounds like a fun action packed day
It's great to be a tourist in your home town. Makes you appreciate what you have in your own backyard xx

Nanna Chel said...

Maria, I love Redcliffe. We used to holiday there when we were kids back in the 1950s as it was the place to go at the time. I revisited a few years ago before the Bee Gees memorial was built and I couldn't find the red cliffs I remember as a child :-) We used to climb up the stairs on the hill when leaving the playground if my memory serves me correctly.

Susan said...

I must get to the Bee Gees walk - thanks for the reminder.

biebkriebels said...

Oh wow, the Bee Gees, I was a great fan of them and have fond memories of their music.

Sue (this n that) said...

Hello Maria, looks like you had a lovely day for it too - except for the fire smoke.
I remembered the Bee Gees Walk from your previous post and how nice they keep it maintained with new features. The Light Show sounds good!
They'd have been so appreciative to be taken on such a personalised guided tour. It's always fun.
Cheers now 😊