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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Australia Post...

From the subject line of this post, it sounds like I might be writing about our major postal service here in Australia. But it's not really an informative piece about how the service's just some observations. And as well, I'll show off some items I have received recently in the post.

Last year Australia Post (A.P.) raised postal costs considerably as they asserted that the organisation had been making a loss. Stamps for a basic letter went from 70 c to $1. The dollar only gave you what was classed as second class mail service and if you wished your letter to be delivered faster, you could pay more (40 cents more) . So in essence, they upped the price but slowed the service. (We had never had classes of ordinary mail before, mind you!) Postage on parcels also went up in price and delivery dates were extended.
Over the years, I have had a few items of mail that have been sent to me, go astray and never turn up...and that was only mail that I was expecting. ( the latest missing letter was my 'all clear' letter from Breastscreen Q'land) Who know what else has never reached me??? And if the sender hasn't paid for insurance on the parcel or letter, AP's response was always, 'Too bad; we can't do anything'.

For a little while, a member of K4BN who lives in NSW, has posted parcels of yarn to me to hand on to other members. Rosanne posted me a big 5kg pack last never arrived. For months Rosanne and I were 'hounding' AP, wanting to know where the parcel had gone. ( I had filed a disputed delivery complaint)
They seemed to take our complaints a lot more seriously than I've ever experienced before in my dealings with AP. I got text messages and screenshots of the data they had about the delivery...

Eventually one AP employee ringing from Sydney stated that the parcel was delivered to a #24 in my street. (the contractor said he left it on the front stairs). I don't live at #24 and my friend is adamant she put the correct number. However I knew something that obviously the contractor didn't know. Gleefully I informed the AP employee that there is no # 24 in my street...that number disappeared when 2 houses were demolished to build a big block of units. There are a number of scenarios for this but the main thing is that the parcel didn't arrive at my house.

But they made us wait another 6 weeks and last week Rosanne finally got some compensation for the lost parcel...although even that has a sting in the tail...they will only pay up to $50 if expensive insurance hasn't been taken out, and the contents were estimated by Rosanne to be at least $90 worth...but it was a small win.
So lately I've been a bit anxious when someone says they are sending me a parcel. Just like recently Sue from This n That blog sent me word that a parcel was on its way to me; it didn't go astray and I was thrilled when I opened it.

Sue sent me some of her hand painted cards and notelets...absolutely gorgeous!

And as I looked through all these lovely goodies, there was one that was extra special!

Sue had painted Eduardo, my cat. Isn't it wonderful!!!

To be absolutely fair to AP I couldn't write a post about them without mentioning that Seniors can apply for a MyPost card that enables them to purchase a set number of stamps per year ( up to 50) for 60 cents each instead of a dollar. (I think that there are a lot of 'baby boomers' and older people in Australia and we have the time to complain/hound officials etc.)

A few years ago I wrote a post about Rosanne and her New Year Resolution to visit as many Spotlight stores as possible throughout Australia. She planned to buy 2 balls of yarn in every one she visited. Hearing that she was coming to Brisbane, I had offered to meet her and take her to my local Spotlight. The photo below shows Rosanne on the left holding her purchases. The store manager came out to speak to us when she heard Rosanne was visiting the store. There had already been an article about Rosanne's quest published in the Spotlight magazine, so we were with a bit of a celebrity! lol

Rosanne, me, the store manager and another member of K4BN


biebkriebels said...

That is a bad service of your Post, doesn't sound good many parcels get lost.

Vireya said...

I received a package today that had been posted in California on 5th January. I had given up on it and had contacted the seller, who was about to send me a replacement! They had originally quoted 5 - 12 days for delivery. No-one expected 33 days. No-one except Australia Post, maybe.

Visiting every Spotlight store is a fascinating quest!

Kate said...

Your postal service sounds a lot like ours - charge more for less and don't give a damn!! Sad, isn't it. ;(

Nanna Chel said...

Maria, I remember when I was a child living in a regional city that we got two mail deliveries a day and one on Saturday morning. It is a shame that things have changed so much over the years. When I send a parcel I am usually given a tracking number which I find really helpful to see where the parcel actually is.

Susan said...

Its a bit of an economic circle isnt it? Fewer people posting - prices go up - even less people post...but such a bad move to increase costs and decrease service at the same time ..
Good on Roseanne in her quest.

Tracy said...

That's a great story about Roseanne. What a fun idea.
Not so great about AP. As letter-writing is a hobby of mine, the price increases really sting and the reduction on service even worse. I often wonder about whether or not letters have gone astray. I did have one take 10months to arrive at its destination in the US a few years ago... very odd but at least it got there in the end (Of course I looked like a terrible correspondent).

Sharmayne said...

I think everyone in Australia waits with baited breath! Things went down when they started using contractors to deliver instead of actual AP personnel!

Cynthia said...

I think it's a bit cheaper to mail letters in the US but packages are so expensive it's hardly worth sending things. Often when I mail my grandsons small treats the postage is more than the contents are worth and it's really silly to mail it. But they love getting mail, so what's a nana to do!

Dorothy said...

I had the same thing happen when I was collecting for Maya's Rest on behalf of Knit4Charities. A crocheted blanket was supposed to have been delivered but it was never received. My daughter was home all day the day they reckon it was delivered. I might add that my usual parcel delivery man (who is wonderful) was on his annual leave at the time. AP 'investigated' the matter and in the end I got sick of contacting them to find out the status of their investigations. Apparently they claimed it was delivered and just wiped their hands of the matter.

margaret said...

sounds like they need to sort out who they employ to deliver mail. Here things are pretty good at arriving but it is expensicve to post a letter, I waas surprised I posted a birthday card to Australia yesterday £1.34 they usually charge over £2 so will wait to see if it arrives. I loved spotlight when I was in Aus on 2001 nothing like that here.

angela said...

You have to wonder why if you pay extra the mail is delivered sooner when it is all processed the same way
I think it's a bit of a scam myself. So I won't ever pay it.
And yes. If I send anything worth a bit of money I will pay for it to b registered. That way the onus is on them to make sure it's delivered
Aussie post is getting worse all th time. Because they now sub contract many parts of the delivery system out to private companies who only are in it for the money and don't really care
It's very sad

Susan said...

and no doubt you have heard how much the top man earns !!!

Jane said...

Guess your postal service is a lot like ours in the U.S.A. Once sent a package first class (which is supposed to be delivered within three days) and it never arrived. I asked the postal clerk about it and she said that it's not a guarantee that they''ll deliver so quickly. So why are they charging us extra for it? The story about Roseanne was nice. Nice to read that there are some stores out there that still value their customers.


Jackie said...

Our postal service in Canada is not the best either. Funny thing is sometimes things from across the country arrive before things that are posted only two hours away!!

Love the story about Roseanne.

God bless.