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Monday, November 21, 2016

The 'crochet hook' saga...Wool on Sunday.

As I mentioned in my last post, DH and I travelled to North Queensland last week. The main reason for the trip was to visit long lost family on my father's side. This year has turned out to be a 'real year of the family' for me after having my DNA tested late last year and we've had fun meeting or catching up with cousins throughout this year and travelling to a few places around the country has been a bonus.

So that's why early on Monday morning last week, DH and I were checking our luggage  into Brisbane Airport at 6am. Knowing that our Aussie airlines have relaxed those strict rules about knitting and crocheting on domestic flights, I carried a bag of yarns with me, fully intending to crochet on the flight, just like I did when we went to WA in September. laid plans and all that! 

The woman at check in asked me did I have knitting needles in my bag of yarn...I answered no, but  said that I did have a crochet hook. She told me that I MUST put the hook in my checked through luggage or otherwise the Security staff would confiscate it...hello??? 
Where did it say that on all the signs in the terminal???

I should have stood my ground but like a lamb I complied. But I did 2 things before my flight. I put a rant on Facebook and I sent an informal preliminary complaint to Virgin Airlines. A friend, after reading my FB post, sent me a screenshot from the airline's website. Ta dah!!! ( you may have to click/tap on the image to make it readable) 

I was actually amazed at how many items are now allowed on domestic flights. 
Now this same 'charmer' on Check In also claimed our hand/cabin luggage was 2 kg over weight and had to be checked through. Again, hello??? I had my toiletries bag in it and my zippy bag with eye drops and my iPad in this bag...I KNOW that didn't weigh over 7kg. ( Later when the plane was in mid air I realised that my iPad hadn't been put into flight mode! Ooh wah...but everything must have been okay as we did safely get to Cairns). 
By the time we reached Cairns, Virgin had sent an apology (of sorts), but best of all...I'd forgotten that a friend's son in law is high up in administration in Virgin. She contacted him after reading my FB rant and he apparently was quite angry at my treatment. He vowed to track down the woman and organise more training as she was lacking in customer skills and obviously had little knowledge of the airline's policies. 
You know what? I don't feel the slightest bit of guilt for getting that woman into trouble! I would never flaunt safety rules so to be treated that way, the 'Miss Goody Goody, scared to do anything naughty little girl' in me had felt quite bad. But I knew I hadn't broken any rules...*shoulder shrug*...

So it was a very determined woman who turned up at Cairns Airport on Thursday. I did however put my bag of yarn and the hook inside a tote bag. And there was absolutely no hassles or hold ups, either through Check In Baggage Drop or Security. 
And so it was that I was at the airport food court and I still had my crochet hook! 

And during the flight I crocheted granny squares without any interference! 😄
Linking up once again with Janine's Rainbow Hare Blog for Wool on Sunday. 


Kate said...

Well done, Maria!!

Vireya said...

Glad you got that sorted out! It is ridiculous that staff aren't aware of what is and isn't allowed. And looking at that sign of what isn't allowed, I struggle to imagine which category she thought a crochet hook fitted in to. Sporting goods? I don't think you would get far trying to shave with it or open boxes.

Nanna Chel said...

Yes I have asked at the QANTAS desk about knitting needles and crochet hooks and there was no problem. Such a shame you has that hassle, Maria but the staff member will obviously be brought up to date with the rules.

margaret said...

she sounds like a doctor`s receptionist, not sure what yours are like but here they seem to think thy can decide if you need to see a dr or not and so bossy think they know everything when they hope tshe got a good ticking off

angela said...

Good on you for sticking up for yourself.
Some people have a little bit of power and let it go to their head
If I ever have to fly domestic again I'll print out their conditions and shove it under noses so that I'm able to chrochet on the plane

Una said...

That little crochet hook is no more dangerous than a pen or plastic cutlery. I've seem more dangerous finger nails!

Anthea said...

What a saga! Maria what a shame that airport lady didn't know the regulations correctly & caused such a situation for you. The little hook is a lucky one for sure!

Lin said...

Good for you Maria. xx

Jackie said...

Good for you!!

I really missed having my knitting when we were on our international trip. I do wish they would relax the rules a bit. I would even bring the bamboo needles rather than the metal or plastic ones.

God bless.

Cynthia said...

Good for you! I was amazed when I learned I could bring my knitting needles. The first time I tried it, I fully expected to lose them, but nope.