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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Melbourne Cup Celebrations at Daycare 😉

On the first Tuesday of November, the iconic Aussie horse race, known as the Melbourne Cup is's been described as ' the race that stops a nation' as people watch the race. It's very expensive to go to the actual course where the race is run, but all throughout the country people gather for 'Cup Luncheons', in pubs, clubs, restaurants, private homes and workplace staff rooms to list a few venues.
In many of my teaching posts throughout the years, we would bring a plate of food, a fancy hat, some money for Sweep tickets and have a luncheon in the staff room. 
Some photos from my archives...Melbourne Cup luncheon in our 'salubrious' staff room. I realise I can't remember who the lady in the spotted dress is?? No photos of me as I was always the one taking photos!
The Prep Teacher in the top photo and the Teacher in Charge of the school's Special Ed Unit; both prize winners for their hats

All of us taking turns of 10 minutes on playground duty so everyone had some time to party during the lunch break. 
When I retired I thought, 'Great, now I can go to a 'proper' Melbourne Cup Luncheon!!!'. 
DH wasn't quite as enthusiastic as I was...and of course I had discovered 'fascinators' by then. Just as well, as the fancy hats I owned were starting to look their age! 😉

But, encouraged by friends we went to 2 in the last 5 years and that was enough...been there...done that, and now I'm happy to go to my knitting group at Paddington which is also on the first Tuesday. 
One year I wore one of my fascinators to knitting! 

But you're possibly wondering about that subject line? Yes our little Anthea goes to Daycare 2 days a week while DsD2 works and one of those days is a Tuesday. And the Melbourne Cup 'came' to Anthea's Centre last  Tuesday and I just have to share photos of her very impressive hat! ( a photo shoot at home, and she's so good about wearing something on her head!)

And in grandma's favourite colours too! I wonder if she will let me borrow it? Lol


margaret said...

such a cutie she looks so proud of her hat.

angela said...

What a cutie! Fashions of the field a new winner is coming
I used to love going to the races. We even had shares in a horse a few years ago.
But like you I too feel. Been there done that.

Cynthia said...

I would love an excuse to wear fancy hats. Just not done here in the US anymore, except for at the Black churches here in the South. Good that Miss Anthea is getting early training. She does look precious!