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Monday, August 8, 2016

Wool on Sunday...

It was a while ago now that I joined a number of donated crocheted squares into blankets of varying sizes. I left the neatening of ends and crocheting around the edges to 'another day' and went on to other projects.
A few days ago I decided that the needy will be wanting those blankets, so it was time to get that finishing done. So now the 'pile' of blankets all have some sort of edging.

But neatening of all the ends still awaits me 🙄. But a couple of sessions will see 8 blankets ready to hand over to Knitting for Brisbane's Needy. 
Most of the 8 blankets in the photo were made by joining crocheted squares with black yarn donated by Susan...many thanks Susan! 
But there's a bit of a story about the yarn that I used for the edgings. Three weeks  ago I noticed on EBay a lot of 590 g of black acrylic yarn being auctioned. The starting bid was $3. After a couple of days I decided to put in a bid and then forgot all about it. Then I got an email from EBay saying I'd won...$3. I took the photo after I'd used one of the big 200g balls for the edgings. In a little twist, despite the description of the yarn being acrylic, it was actually wool. 
( I sent the vendor a bit more money via PayPal as the costs involved with selling on EBay would mean she would have made very little) 
My next project for K4BN will be turning 3 bags of knitted squares into blankets.
Linking this post to the Rainbow Hare blog. This week Janine has posted photos of her lacy crocheted squares blanket, all laid out and looking beautiful. 


Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

Brisbane's needy are extremely lucky to have you knit and crochet for them. These blankets are beautiful and I'm sure they'll be much loved. Thank you for linking up with Wool on Sundays :)

Cynthia said...

Another beautiful blanket! And that was quite a bargain you snagged.

Lin said...

You did well with that purchase! Great looking blankets - good luck with the ends. xx

angela said...

Wow what a bargain.
Well done. This blankets will b much appreciated by someone

Nanna Chel said...

Despite the warm days it does get chilly at night especially when sleeping out in the open...even in Brisbane I would think. I am sure all your hard work will be appreciated by whoever receives your rugs, Maria.

Susan said...

What a bargain!!!